Xtreme Xperience

Xtreme Xperience Provides an Extreme Experience

You know what’s great about driving a supercar? Pretty much everything. That’s why they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You are paying for an end-to-end perfect experience – from unsurpassed driving dynamics to upscale interior finishes and materials. You know what’s great about owning a supercar? Pretty much nothing. That’s why it takes someone with hundreds of thousands of dollars to spare. Just keeping these delicate prima donnas on the road and working can require a specialty shop at your beck and call – from thousand dollar oil changes to their almost insatiable desire to burn themselves to the ground.

Renting seems the natural solution to this dilemma, but again you are paying good money to walk into another of the prime drawbacks of supercars – they can’t be exploited pushed explored to within 10% of their abilities on public roads. Enter the Xtreme Xperience.

Not only does this company put you in the seat of some of the greatest supercars on the planet right now, but they deliver that supercar to a track for you. Then they put a professional driver in the passenger seat to help you wring the absolute bejeezus out of your steed. You’re welcome.

Ferrari, Porsche, Lambo,GT-R, McLaren – they are all here and yours for 3 of the quickest laps you can manage around your local track. The travelling octane circus that is the Xtreme Xperience brings these rides to tracks around the country, along with their stable of professional drivers. All you need to do is show up, register for your cars, and get down to turning tires into vapor. And when you’re done depreciating the exotic metal, you just walk away and let them deal with it. This is the way our founding fathers wanted it.

The vast majority of people selected more than one car to drive during the day, and I highly suggest you do the same. They also sell onboard video packages, as well as upgraded insurance in case you are prone to a lead foot and a slow head. The staff are all extremely helpful, and if you’re paying attention you can genuinely leave the day as a faster and more capable driver.

So what would you like to do with your next splurging Saturday? Spend a day at Disneyland fighting off disease-ridden sticky children or hot lapping a supercar at your local track? That’s a call only you can make esé. But you’ll find me at the track enjoying these expensive toys without a worry in the world.