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What are the signs that a family member needs help?

Mental health is a common struggle among so many people today. If you suspect your loved one is going through depression or some kind of stress that they are finding hard to manage, the question you might have is how do you help them?

Or even what signs indicate that they need help?

Here are a few signs you should consider checking.

1. They struggle to look after themselves

People struggling mentally usually have a problem cleaning up after themselves. They never tidy their rooms, they rarely take showers, they have an unpleasant body odor, and they have extreme clutter in their houses or rooms.

2. They prioritize spending time alone

Spending time alone is crucial to anyone who is tired or fatigued. However, the problem comes in when someone prefers spending so much time alone. Such people lock themselves in their room, skip dinner with family, play alone, or even miss important family events such as weddings, birthdays, or funeral ceremonies.

3. They suffer from drug abuse

There’s absolutely no problem when your loved one takes a drink or two in a day. But if the person you are concerned about spends most of the resources they earn to buy alcohol and drink all day, that’s a problem. Such people won’t mind abusing other drugs to numb their pain. You should seek professional help from a rehab such as for such a person.

4. They have unexplained injuries

Let’s say your loved one comes home with a bruised eye. You ask them what happened and they cannot give you a definite answer. The following day, he comes with an injured hand or leg, and the person cannot tell what happened to them. At this point, this could be a red flag. They might need more help than you think.

5. They don’t eat enough

Apart from skipping dinner, the affected person might choose to avoid eating anything. Or, if you serve them, they’ll never finish their food, and you end up throwing away the food. After some time, you notice a sudden weight loss or gain that’s certainly unusual. For many experts, this is something you should consider talking about with your loved one.

6. They have mood swings

These people prefer if you could leave them alone even when they make mistakes. When you ask them what is bothering them, they’ll shout at you, get angry, and talk to you when they feel like it, or even never talk back to you. That’s a sign that you need to offer help as soon as possible.

7. They are no longer productive

In this case, your loved one will forget important appointments and meetings; lose interest in hobbies and activities; struggle to go to work; and look confused even when handling tasks they could with ease, among so many other things.

Be sure to look out for these signs. In case you notice these changes, assist them in overcoming their challenges. Avoid being cruel to them or shouting at them if they react in a way you don’t like. Be present when they need you to be and give them space when they need it.