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The 1930’s were a simpler time in American history. Exit the Gatsby parties of the ‘20s and enter the Great Depression. While American life in that time may have been variable baseball remained a constant and to celebrate our countries baseball heritage, as well as New Eras, New Era has launched The 1934 Collection as part of their Heritage Series.

The 19Twenty Heritage Series fitteds are without question the most comfortable cap to ever grace this head. Frankly, I didn’t know you could even deviate much in the use of materials for a fitted cap, but a 100% melton wool cap with a real leather sweatband inside showed me the light. Aesthetically speaking the cap varies from team to team. The Cardinals, for example, would look very different with no logo and red stripes on a white cap, while my Yankee one looks like the current cap but with a slight difference in the “NY” style on the front. The New Era flag adorns the side of each cap and rightfully so as it was in 1934 that New Era first made professional baseball caps for the Cleveland Indians. In addition to the Cardinals, Yankees, and Indians (home and away) the caps are also available for the Tigers and New York Giants. Play ball!

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In addition to his work with FactoryTwoFour Jonathan serves as Executive Editor of RIDES magazine, a national print and online custom automotive lifestyle brand.

He attended Southern Methodist University where he graduated with a degree in English and Cinema/TV. Since then Jonathan has put both degrees to work pursuing his two passions: lifestyle and the entertainment industry.

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