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Effective Ways to Boost Instagram Mentions and Make Your Page Thrive

What is known about Insta? This platform is literally one of the most visited and popular sites in the world, there are people from every corner of the earth here, and the possibilities of the site know no boundaries – you could get mentions from Beyonce and Taylor Swift! It is also here that there are many tools for development in different directions: from your own small brand of men’s clothing to the development of your large company.

Also, here you can create a profile “just like that”, for example, to find a girlfriend, meet other people or chat with friends. But if in the second case you don’t need any tools to expand the follower base, improve engagement and presence, then in the first case it is a necessity.

And here’s why : in the modern media space, it is difficult to get ahead if you don’t take any steps to do so. That is, if you have not formed your powerful promotion strategy, you can forget about success. Yes, the competition is quite intense, the same as in football, hockey and business, but online. So, if you’re determined on the result, you need to act now.

In this article, we’ll share three ways to boost mentions to strengthen your presence on the web and make the page more visible. Read on!

Consider using a professional service

Modern technologies have stepped forward, providing a great variety not only for ordinary users, but also for entrepreneurs and influencers. Here’s what companies are offering today: in addition to basic metrics such as likes, comments and subs, you can buy real mentions. Follow the link to learn more: Why invest in them?

Well, firstly, they are like a separate metric for calculating your engagement and reach. That is, if this level is high, your page automatically becomes more visible to the lion’s share of users. Plus, word of mouth – you’ll be mentioned by real users who also have their own audience. In the end, you get not only high activity, but also a new audience and views.

Why is this a good offer? “Time is money” is the golden rule both in business and in promotion. In fact, you pay for delegating part of your tasks to professionals who do everything for you. You don’t need to actively participate in the delivery or regularly be in touch with specialists, they’ll do everything for you.

Unlike hiring SMM specialists, you don’t have to form a large advertising budget. For paid services, which we talked about above, only a couple of dollars is enough.

Contests as a way to get interactions

Another strategy that is used everywhere is contests. The method works almost always and with everyone, even if you have a small audience. People like to receive nice gifts for simple actions they perform online, so you can count on a positive result.

You set the conditions for the contest yourself. As an example, you can make follow, likes, comments and mentions a condition. In exchange for these simple actions, offer something pleasant for the participants. These can be discounts on your products or services, a free item from the collection, or access to your online lessons. Depending on your niche, you can offer other products/services as a prize.

It’s important to know: in order for your contests to be successful and effective for you, set a large time interval. It can be a week, two weeks or a little more. In this case, you’ll receive interactions regularly, and your page will grow.


Influence marketing on IG in 2023 is the heart and soul. Today everything is based on user recommendations. Targeted advertisements, which we got used to a couple of years ago, are no longer so effective. Therefore, collaborations are an ideal option for the development of your page.

Together with other influential people, you can create collaborative content and attract a new audience. This strategy is beneficial for both sides: you and the other influencer receive double attention from the audience. Plus, you can mention each other in stories and posts – this is what you need. Explore your niche and find the most interesting bloggers in it for you to create amazing content and encourage users to mention you.

We have listed the most basic ways to get mentions this year. They are universal, and you can use them at any stage of promotion. Don’t be afraid to invest in your page, but be sure to combine paid incentives with natural ones. Engage with your subs, stay active and interact with influencers. Good luck!