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Spicing Things Up in the Bedroom With These 4 Fun Ideas

Sex (aside from sleep) is one of the best things that can happen in your bedroom. For couples, it can be troubling at times that sex is no longer enjoyable or does not feel as good as it used to be. There are a lot of reasons behind unfulfilling sex – stress, age, hormonal changes, and others. However, these are not reasons enough to leave your sex life spiraling downward and hit rock bottom. There is still a lot that you can do to get the sizzle back into your sex life.

Read on as we share some fun ideas to spice things up in the bedroom.

Use Sex Toys

Sex toys should not be on the bottom of your list of options for reinvigorating your sex life. Be open and flexible with this option and discuss it with your partner. Also, get rid of the misconception that it is only women who use sex toys. The sex toy market is teeming with sex toys for men because believe it or not, men are also active sex toy users. Use sex toys sparingly or frequently as you and your partner prefer. There are no recommended or set limits to the frequency of sex toy use, but make sure that it does not adversely your sexual play in the long run. A good rule of thumb is to use sex toys as support devices for enhancing sexual enjoyment and satisfaction.

Use Different Areas Inside the Bedroom

Don’t limit your sex on the bed or mattress. Be creative in initiating sexual encounters and have sex in the unexplored areas of the bedroom. Clear out the dresser, cabinet, or nightstand and prop yourself or partner up on the furniture for a new and kinky sex position. Also, try having sex while standing up near the door or any corner of the bedroom. 

Explore Places Outside the Bedroom

Use your imagination and creativity when it comes to sexual situations. Virtually anywhere inside the house is a place for sex if you are creative enough. The couch is not just for watching TV and cuddles. It is also a good piece of furniture for getting naughty in the living room. The basement washer and dryer can have another use aside from cleaning clothes. The stairs are a fun place to take the excitement up a level at a time. The kitchen and dining area could use a little excitement if you are up for it. The attic and the garage are also exciting places to get down and dirty.

Make Challenging and Creative Quickies

Be open to your sexual urges and let your partner know about them. Welcome spontaneity and find the opportunity to act on those urges. Quickies are an exciting change of pace to your usual sexual sessions. It’s an exciting breath of fresh air from ritualistic and long sexual plays you usually have. Picking random places like inside the car, the mall changing room, the public pool, the beach, or any place where you can covertly get naughty without being caught. There’s also a kinky excitement about quickies in public places as the fear of getting caught triggers more intense arousal.

There are still many unexplored areas of sex that you can try to uncover if you and your partner experience a lull in your sex life. Communication is essential to making sex work like magic. Don’t be afraid to open up to each other about sex and try out something new. Think of sex as like a wildfire – the more areas you explore, the harder it is to extinguish the flames of excitement and pleasure.