Gift-Giving Guide

A Gift-Giving Guide for the True Gentleman

Giving gifts can be hard at the best of times. It is always difficult knowing what to give your friends, family, or colleagues, even if we know what they like and dislike. They may have it, they may dislike it, they may want other things; these are the many permutations that can arise from giving a gift. Being a gentleman only adds more stress to the equation, as you are now expected to give big, give thoughtfully, and give with some sophistication. This page will hope to tell you how you can give gifts like a true gentleman. A gentleman is respectable, modest, and reasonable, and these are qualities that will be reflected by the gift that you give. Pick effectively and do not attempt to break the bank, as it is wholly unnecessary unless of course, you have money to throw around. Here is a gift-giving guide for the true gentlemen.


It is always good to know the hobbies of the person for whom you are buying a gift. Knowing the hobbies of the person for whom you are buying a gift is a great asset and is a fantastic way to make an effective decision. By knowing the person’s hobbies, you will be able to make an educated guess toward which gift would be best suited to them, and you will be able to please them thoroughly. Buying people equipment for their hobbies, providing they do not already have said equipment, is a very smart way to pick a gift. If, for example, the person for whom you are intending on buying a gift is an avid fisherman, buying them high-specification fishing equipment or just tackle is a sure-fire way to please them.

Let’s be honest, a major hobby of many people is eating new and interesting things. For the gastronomy lover in your life, check out for some jerky and bacon-themed gifts.


No gift-giving guide would be complete without considering clothes as a gift. The clothes themselves do not have to be a designer brand but must be something that you can see the person wearing. Clothes are a very effective gift providing you pick properly, otherwise, you risk the item of clothing being thrown away and the person never wearing it and simply pretending that they like it. Try to establish the person size, and even ask them directly, but subtly. You should know exactly the brands they like and the type of clothes that they like when buying clothes, lest they not wear them and your money be wasted.

Gift-Giving Guide

Electronics and Gadgets

Electronics and gadgets are always good gifts to give. Everybody loves them. You should find out which electronics or gadgets the person you are buying a gift for wants and establish what they may need. Be certain they do not already have what you are intending on buying as these things can cost a lot of money and you may end up throwing your money down the toilet. Gadgets and electronics can cost a lot of money and are a gift you should only consider giving if you have the money set aside and can afford to spend it.

At the moment, drones are very hot, and many people want them, so you could consider buying the person you are buying a gift for a drone. Drones come with in-built cameras and are great for those who enjoy making movies or simply exploring. Be sure the person knows how to use the drone and has instructions before setting out, lest the drone crash and burn. You could also get them a new smartphone or pad, as they are very often received with much gratitude.

Fine Liquor

The true gentlemen know fine liquor from poor liquor. Giving somebody a gift of alcohol may at first seem boring, but when they taste the fine, fine liquor you have provided them, will be eternally grateful. Fine liquor can cost a bit of money but is a gift well worth giving for any connoisseur. If you really want to go the extra mile, consider importing a rare and vintage wine from abroad for them. There are many online alcoholic marketplaces available that sell high-quality liquor for low prices. Be sure the person you are buying for is of age and a drinker, lest it goes to waste.


Perfume is a great gift to give to both men (aftershave) and women. Fragrant perfumes can leave their impression on a person, but be sure it is one that they like, otherwise, it will leave the wrong impression.

Now you know a few gifts that you can give in the spirit of a true gentleman. A gentleman is meticulous, careful, and thoughtful. Be sure to give your gifts knowing that they will be received warmly, and never give a gift that will be disliked and resented. We hope you enjoyed this gift-giving guide.