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How To Stay Safe In The Gym During Covid

Exercising has always been a healthy lifestyle worth cultivating. But in the current circumstance, not obeying basic guidelines could end up increasing your risk of contracting the deadly Covid-19 disease, which is far from over. So, how can you carry on with your gym routines while reducing your risks of transmission? It all starts with observing the standard safety protocols. Here is how to return to the gym during Covid without putting yourself at risk.

Try to keep your distance

The CDC recommends you maintain at least a social distance of 6 ft between you and other members of your gym for your safety. It’s better to maintain a safe distance when you start your workouts. Taking a heavy breath can release respiratory droplets and other viral matter. So be sure to stay away from crowded spots and give yourself enough room. In line with safety precautions, several gyms have already re-adjusted their exercise equipment to stand apart. When possible, choose a space that’s not close to people.

Disinfect exercise equipment before and after use

You may not be the only participant in the gym. Amid the growing fever around the pandemic, let it be a common habit to wipe down your exercise equipment before and after use. Your gym might already be doing this, but to be safe, disinfect any machine before you jump on it. You can spray the disinfectant on the equipment and allow for a few minutes before wiping it off. 

Do not forget to sanitize parts like knobs, buttons, and control panels. In addition, try to wear your mask throughout your gym session. You may even want to get vaccinated as an extra layer of protection. Also, apply the best disinfecting wipes and practice proper hygiene. Only remove your mask when you are in confined places like locker rooms and shower rooms where ventilation is minimal.

Avoid the gym if you show any COVID-19 symptoms

Hitting the gym is good, but not when your health is not on point. The potential risks of getting the virus in the gym are much similar to contracting the disease elsewhere. Large gatherings in proximity to one another are not the best spot to visit when you are not 100% fit. Self-isolate as soon as possible when you suspect that you have come into contact with the virus. It has been known that even asymptomatic patients can potentially transmit the Coronavirus. Quarantining when you are sick is an excellent preventative method that can keep other people safe.

Reduce your time in the gym

Your probability of getting the virus indoors is 19% greater than that of outdoors. That’s because viral particles survive longer in indoor air than outside. One way to control your risk of catching the virus in a gym is to reduce your exercise duration drastically. One hour of workout isn’t bad for achieving your fitness goals, so don’t procrastinate in the gym and make every minute count.