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Car Maintenance Tips For Winter

Winter is a time to stay safe and sound at home, but as you know it is not always practical to stay in the house all season long. 

Many of us have jobs and commitments that cause us to get into our cars in winter, and this is why today we want to share some simple maintenance tips you should consider before the season kicks in. 

These are some of the jobs and maintenance you should be carrying out on your car before winter. 

Fix small chips in the window 

The first thing you should be aware of in winter is chips and cracks in your windows. As you drive on the roads or in the countryside, small rocks can lift up from the road and hit your windscreen. If enough of these hit your window or a large enough piece does, it can cause chips as well as larger cracks which need to be fixed. Companies such as Autoglass will come to your home and fix these small problems for you on your driveway. 

Upgrade the paintwork 

As well as dealing with small chips in your windows, you can also end up with small chips and cracks in your paintwork over time. These small issues can be very easy to fix using t-cut to fill in the blanks and will keep your car looking healthy and new. However what you may also want to do is upgrade your paint job completely with car wrapping. This can be an expensive process however it will give your car a whole new lease of life and will look stunning. By choosing to wrap your car you’ll be able to choose any colour you like and won’t be confined to colours specific to the model of your car. 

Install a dashcam 

Driving in winter can be dangerous and often more accidents happen in winter than any other time of the year. As such it is important for you to install a dashcam in the front and back of your car to record anything going on. This will mean that if you get into an accident that isn’t your fault, you’ll have proof to show to the car crash lawyers and you’ll be able to get your money back without the worry. This is super important and will make all the difference to you. 

Consider a heated steering wheel 

What’s better than a pair of freezing cold hands first thing on a winter’s morning? Warm toasty hands. Did you know you can invest in a heated steering wheel cover that will keep your hands warm every time you drive to work? Well, if you suffer from bad circulation and you often struggle with staying warm, this tool can be a useful one for you as well as a fun little gift to yourself this Christmas. 

Maintain fluids 

Screen wash, antifreeze, coolant and oil are the 4 most important fluids in your car, and you need to keep on top of their levels throughout the year. Take the opportunity to top up your fluids now and again before a long journey to keep your car running smoothly.