save money Brian Boru in Portland, Maine
Brian Boru in Portland, Maine

How to Save Money as a Student & Not Feel Left Out

No doubt, college years are one of the brightest of our whole life! When there are plenty of events and gatherings around, you are literally drawn into a hurricane of thrill and excitement. But the student’s life isn’t exactly one of wealth. You’ve got to find a way to save money while having the most fun.

Housing rental and utilities, groceries, textbooks, gym membership… At the same time, you crave to buy a high-quality phone and laptop and get out on a trip for at least a couple of days. Well, for the sake of it, you need to learn how to save. But how do you do it without feeling deprived? Read our tips to find out!

Get Rid Of Unnecessary Stuff

Freshmen and sophomores alike strive to save money. If you are a sophomore and have accumulated a lot of materials, why not sell them? This is a win-win strategy, as students get useful things (perhaps your notes on how to cite a poem or analyze a literature review will save them from failure) at an affordable price, and you get money and more free space at home.

Believe us, you can sell almost everything: from a folding bed and an Ikea mirror to a denim jacket you haven’t worn for a long time. Organize a street sale, post ads on local sites, or make an InstaStory. Add a little creativity and patience – and you are making good money!

Realize the Power of Student ID

Did you know that with a student card you can buy clothes at Asos and Topshop at a 10% discount? Office 365 software package is available to you for free, while Adobe offers -60% on the entire suite. Not to mention 50% off for note-making tools like Evernote and Notion. When thinking through another definition essay or any other task, use those tools to ease your studying. The right mood can improve your productivity more than you think!

In addition, the student card allows you to visit theaters, exhibitions, museums, and cinemas at a discount. As for traveling abroad, just apply for an ISIC and enjoy the privileges wherever you are.

Buy Products In Supermarkets

It is better to shop for groceries in supermarkets. Prices there are lower than in convenience stores, and there are some amazing promotions. Most supermarkets have loyalty programs, so get yourself such a card. Also, don’t leave home without a shopping list! By following it exactly, you avoid impulsive purchases and save money.

Don’t Waste Money On Stationery

At school, we are used to keeping different notebooks for all subjects. You get one with Van Gogh’s paintings and another with breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland on the cover. How can one overcome the desire to buy all of them? Here’s what to do – just remember that most of these notebooks will lie on your shelf untouched. 

Basically, you don’t need a lot of stationery. Every class can be followed in one notebook, just separate different subjects with stickers. And don’t forget about the user-friendly Google Docs if you really want to save money.

Plan Your Budget

Calculate your living wage. Start by using categories like utilities, transport, groceries, subscription to various services, dentist, etc. Also, take various events and parties into account. By seeing the big picture, you will realize where you can cut costs.

Carry Food With You

So, you overslept all the alarms and ran into Starbucks on your way to classes. Between lectures, you eat chocolate bars from a nearby store and have dinner at a café since your fridge is empty. As a result, your diet consists of sweets (which affect the condition of your ski,n and body shape), you are still hungry and your financial situation isn’t okay.

In this case, lunchboxes are lifesavers! Take food from home: let it be salads, sandwiches, dried fruits, nuts, or berries. This is a wonderful way to improve your health and save lots of money.

Always Look For An Alternative

When you see a high price for a product or service, don’t get sad. Perhaps you can find a cheaper option? For example, there are always affordable choices when it comes to cosmetics, clothing, and technology. Many brands follow similar trends while offering the same things for less. 

Walk More

Spending on a taxi, gas, or car rental is not always worth it, especially when compared to a walk in the fresh air. Moreover, you can save on a gym membership this way.

Find a Roommate 

Having a roommate, you will pay half the rent and free yourself from boring nights in. Plus, you can cook together (it will be cheaper), exchange notes or even clothes. This is a pro-level way to save money.

Use Electricity Wisely

This tip may sound obvious, but always turn off your appliances (including coffee maker, toaster, and phone charger) and unplug electrical equipment when you leave. Remember – carelessness leads to bigger bills.

Give Up Gym Membership

Physical exercise is an important part of our life. However, going to the gym is not that necessary these days. Really, you can go jogging in the park, ride a bike and do bodyweight exercises absolutely for free at home or outdoors. Even more, there are a bunch of yoga and dance classes online, so what’s stopping you from practicing at home?

Change Your Mobile Internet Plan

Many plans include services that the users simply don’t need. Better study this issue in detail and switch to an option that will save money for you.

Avoid Impulse Spending

Walking through busy shopping streets can force you to make rash decisions. Before you buy something, consider how many days you would have to work to pay for that item.

And be sure to give yourself time until the next morning to consider the need for a purchase. Once you distance yourself from it, it will be easier for you to understand whether you need it. Maybe you just got influenced by a great marketing trick.

Student years are a period when we upgrade a lot of skills, including financial literacy. And as in any effort to save oney, planning, and prioritization come first. Believe us, every habit on our list can be quickly mastered and made part of your daily life. Think through every bargain, spend more time finding better options, think of what you can sell – and voila, your bank account will be super grateful to you!