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Bodyweight Exercises

Fit to Fly: 4 Essential Bodyweight Exercises for Travelers

Thanks to the fact that most hotel gyms suck, getting in a proper strength-training workout while traveling can seem almost impossible. But it doesn’t have to be. No matter where in the world you find yourself, combine these four bodyweight exercises for a well-rounded workout that works your abs, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Plus it’s easy to memorize, requires minimal floor space, and your total commitment is less than 30 minutes a day.

Basic Lunge (20 reps)

You already know lunges are a great way to work a wide variety of muscles in your lower body. But mastering proper form is key.

Bodyweight (or “Air”) Squat (12 reps)

Like the lunge, the “air” squat is another one of those deceptively simple bodyweight exercises. The key here is maintaining good form: feet planted shoulder-width apart, eyes straight ahead, and keep your back naturally straight while maintaining a good lumbar curve.

V-ups (20 reps)

V-Sit Ups (or “V-ups”) are a great, versatile exercise to target your lower abdomen. This video shares three typical variations, ranging from easiest to hardest so you can up your workout as you progress.

Mountain Climber (20 reps)

The Mountain Climber is an exercise most fitness-savvy folks know how to do, but perhaps not how to do right. Again, it’s critical to maintain good form: back relatively straight (as with a push-up) and be conscious of not “hopping” while you’re going through the motions.

Count every grouping of these four bodyweight exercises as a single round. Your goal should be five rounds, five times a week. Up your reps and intensity according to your fitness level and progression. Ideally, the entire day’s workout should require no more than a half-hour.

A Word of Caution

Always remember, it’s highly recommended to seek advice from Riselean or other expert weight loss mentors before making any determinations. Any trainer worth his salt will tell you nutrition is responsible for at least three-quarters of your overall health. You can’t out-crunch or out-train too many margaritas and fistfuls of fast food. While you probably already know this, practicing what you preach, especially on vacation, can prove challenging. While on the road, remember to pay careful attention to your diet — even more than you’ve already committed to paying to your regular workout.