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Physical Activities To Give A Try This Summer

If you’re trying to get moving with more physical activities this year, or you want to shed a few pounds while you’ve got the time to, why not make good use of the upcoming summer? There are a lot of activities you can try out while the sun is shining! So whether you’re in need of a new hobby or you’ve got a bit of spare time to put to good use this summertime, check out the ideas below for some inspiration to start with. 

physical activities


If you love a scavenger hunt or a puzzle, this is a perfect activity for you! Geocaching is the act of hunting down ‘caches’ left by other people using GPS devices, and it can be done alone or in a group. It can help you to make new connections and clean up the outside world, and it’s always a bit exciting to come across something unexpected in the outdoors. You can even leave some parcels for other people to find, and then be notified of their discoveries 5 months from now as a real surprise! 


Hunting can be one of the most incredibly enriching physical activities to try out, especially if you love being out in nature. And as long as you know how to use a weapon safely, you can try it out. You don’t have to be seasoned to bring home some game with you, and you can host a BBQ for all your friends to celebrate. You’ll need a license of course, and also check out how to restore gun rights if you’ve experienced an incident that’ll stop you from being able to hunt over the summertime. 

AR Apps

If you were part of the Pokemon GO craze a few years ago, this is definitely one for you. More and more AR apps have popped up on the market ever since and you can download any one of them to get involved. You can find a handy list of a few notable mentions right here. Open them up when you go for a run in the mornings or get your friends together to go on a hike or two this summer. Just make sure to take some snacks with you on the way. 

Rock Climbing

Scaling rock faces is always going to be a cool sport to try, and if you want to get physical this summer this is your chance to! Rock climbing is a great full body workout, and when you’re trying out a climbing wall in a sports center, there’s no risk involved in the activity either. One day when you’re experienced enough you can try out a real cliff face; make sure you’ve got all the right safety gear on first! 

If you want to do more this summer, you just need to take on a new activity. Get your loved ones involved or go alone – you can try out all of the above physical activities no matter where you’re going or what you’ve got at your disposal.