Marriage Wedding

How To Know You’re Ready For Marriage?

You must have found yourself in a situation where all of the couples from your near environment are getting married, and your partner and you are standing in place. This will make you think that you want the same thing since you will eventually get pressured, but you need to think if this is just the effect of the circumstances or if you really want to get married. It is natural to feel the need to pair off with your partner and this is something you should strive for, but it is also very important to pay attention to your gut and see whether this is something you really want or just a temporary need or pressure you feel because of your family and friends. To be completely sure, and see if you are truly ready for marriage, here are a couple of pieces of advice. 


Is Your Relationship Deep Enough 

When you first met, you have gone through a whole range of different stages from shy greetings to you living together. But if you are thinking of marriage, then you need to be positive that your relationship is deep enough, much deeper than going out on dates and spending all the time together. If you can say that you have reached the level where you have a deep understanding of each other and you know that they know your soul, then there is not much doubt, go straight to Blue Nile and find the perfect ring. It is not the point that you should be carefree all the time. Life with your spouse is filled with problems you need to solve together and grow together while overcoming them. 

Ask Yourself: Why Do You Want to Get Married? 

If your FYP is filled with images of classy tuxedos and white dresses and there is suddenly a hint for you, it may be that the time has come for you as well. But, take a moment and deep breath, and see if this is what you really need. Try to be clear with yourself, even though it is quite difficult to be honest with yourself, whether you want to be married or to spend eternity with your partner. Consider what are the benefits for your partner and you from marriage, or whether it is better to maintain your current relationship. 

Make Difference Between Wedding and Marriage

Marriage means a new family in the making while the wedding is just a fun party of your family and friends at the same place. But is this classy and loud party the reason you are getting married? It is not the point of you having a huge party and all the people being all over you and you being in the center of attention. Marriage is much deeper than this and it involves new family making and hoping that your harmony and love will last forever. So, if you are not completely sure about this, then wait for some time until you are ready. When you say “Until death does us apart” you really should mean it. 


Top Priority: Trust 

It does not matter how long you have been together with your partner, trust is the top tier priority, and you need to be positive that you trust your partner with your entire being. It is not wise to marry someone because you have dated for a long period of time or because you feel responsible for marrying the person you have been dating for so long, this may result in major sadness and bring no good to any of you. You should get married because you know and love your partner, and feel a special kind of connection that other people are unable to decode. You need to make an environment where your partner is comfortable sharing with you their fears, hopes, dreams, and goals. When you know the things from your partner’s past and you accept them with all of their flaws and virtues, and you still love them and accept them for whom they are beyond all the other things, you trust your partner. 

You need to think maturely when you choose your partner and then decide if you want to get married or not. A wedding is not the same as marriage, and on the other hand, you need to be positive that you trust your partner enough to spend the rest of your life together and have a family with them. Be sure that you respect your partner so that you avoid hurting them and being hurt.