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How to Introduce Zero-Waste Into Your Lifestyle

To many zero-waste lifestyles seems confusing, intimidating, or even complicated, however, the reality of it is completely different. Namely, it’s actually quite simple as soon as you understand the whole point of it.

The goal is to send nothing (or at least make sure it’s in small amounts) to the depot. It isn’t just about recycling, decreasing, or reusing, this lifestyle demands a lot of adjusting and thinking about our environment.

Those who are dedicated to zero-waste can freely fit one year’s worth of garbage into a single jar. No one expects you to incorporate this lifestyle overnight, however, these are the things you can do to slowly get used to it.

The Beginning Of Zero-Waste Way of Life

Learn More About Your WHY?

Those who are having second thoughts about it and are not quite sure whether they should start practicing it or not, usually ask themselves -WHY? If that’s the case with you, then you must get more specific about it.

Do you just hate seeing plastic bottles on the streets or beaches? Did you have any health issues after utilizing a particular beauty product that is packed with toxins? Do you think that your current lifestyle may be too expensive? Once you get exact answers to these questions, you will know you are heading in the right direction.

Welcome Certain Products Into Your Life

As we’ve already stated, no one expects you to instantly change your lifestyle so drastically, baby steps are crucial here. For starters, eco-friendly experts at think you can begin by purchasing some energy-saving products. They are durable and very efficient:

  • Reusable water bottle – One of the first things that we should eliminate is plastic bottles. Approximately one million bottles are purchased every minute globally – a devastating amount. If we do not do something about it, that number could increase by 30% soon. Therefore, invest in reusable bottles for your drinks and cleaning products. Many cleaning products, like this foaming hand wash, can be bought as a refill, meaning you can keep refilling the same bottle forever.
  • Cloth bags – They are perfect for keeping, as well as transporting piles of food. One can’t simply imagine a day without them. If you have a knack for sewing, you can make one by yourself. Another great tool for grocery shopping is a reusable tote bag.
  • Reusable straws – Get rid of the plastic ones and start using reusable straws. They can equally help enjoy delicious smoothies and other drinks.

More Ways to Incorporate This Lifestyle Into Your Routine

Single-Serving Boxes

These packages are practical if you want to divide your drinks or snacks and share them with others, especially if you’re attending an important event or party. They usually involve sweets with wrappings, several bags of different snacks within a bag, etc.

So if you want to have less waste, try cutting down on these boxes by acquiring them in bulk. Split them into several eco-friendly packages to cut down on waste. Now, when it comes to beverages, try utilizing bigger cartons and bottles and place them into cups that can later be reused.

Get Some Support

It’s easy to give up on something when you feel like you’re alone and no one is there to support you. On the other hand, if you do have a great support team, it can serve as an incredible motivation to proceed with your decisions.

The same goes for this. It’s crucial to talk about this topic with your beloved ones, doesn’t matter whether it’s a friend or family member, or both. In case they disagree with your lifestyle changes, find an online community that shares the same values.

Include them into your life and more importantly, learn from their mistakes and experiences. Whenever you can, host an event where you will get the opportunity to talk about it, and who knows, maybe even stimulate others to join you. 

Cut Down on Meat

Eating less meat is one of the best things you can do not for your general health only, but also for the planet too! Those who regularly consume it, make twice as much carbon footprint, as those who have completely eliminated it.

Why is this? It’s because the livestock industry creates a lot of greenhouse gas emissions. Approximately just as much as trucks, cars, and other vehicles combined. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should stop eating it, just decrease the amounts. Even if you eat it only once or twice a week will do.

No one wakes up and instantly changes his/her entire lifestyle, however, that doesn’t mean that smaller, slower steps are less important. On the contrary. Through them, you will become more aware of the situation and how important it is to implement a zero-waste lifestyle. Incorporating at least one of these tips is huge.