Porcelain white blue red and yellow round ceramic plate

How to Give Your Old Porcelain Items a New Look

It can be daunting to work on porcelain, no matter how big or small the project. However, by using a thoroughly researched DIY approach, you can save a lot of money, time, and effort. In the process, you would be having porcelain items that not only good but will stand the test of time as well. So, are you looking to give your old porcelain items a new lease of life? Then look no further as this article will give you some top tips on how to give your old porcelain items a new look! 

Painting Porcelain 

The easiest way to spruce up your old porcelain is to give it a fresh coat of paint. However, you have to be careful with the paint you choose, as some paints will either look unnatural or even worse, damage your porcelain. The best options are either epoxy or enamel paint, as these two paints are chemical resistant. The professionals from Sawshub.com say that the paint you choose to proceed with should depend on the type of item you are painting. For example, if you are painting a bathtub then you will want to use epoxy paint as they harden significantly and are highly water-resistant. Whereas, if you are painting something that will be exposed to harsh outdoor conditions, then you ought to consider using oil-based enamel paint. This is because oil-based enamel paints are known for their longevity. You can opt for a water-based enamel, which is far easier to clean, however, it is not as long-lasting as oil-based. 

Glazing Your Porcelain Items

Adding gloss to your porcelain items can also be a fun way to freshen things up! Typically this process is done to tiles, but not necessarily exclusively. If you are planning on adding a gloss onto your tile flooring, make sure to apply a thin coat of gloss first, allowing it to be clear and not white when it is being applied. 

Glazing your porcelain items will give them a new, waxy look to them. Giving it that shiny, polished appearance can often make your old porcelain items look as good as new.

Stain Removal 

This may seem like a strange suggestion, however often porcelain items look worn out over time due to a lack of regular cleaning. By providing your porcelain with some proper cleaning stain removal, you can bring them back to an almost new looking condition!

However, you have to be careful in how you clean your items, as if you use the wrong item you risk further damage. The main thing to remember when cleaning is that you should not use any chemical cleaners that contain bleaches, acids or Ammonia. Cleaning products with those chemicals can be very abrasive and damage your porcelain. A mild detergent mixed with warm water will suffice. 

Polishing Cream

For those of you who are not familiar with polishing cream, it is a water-based cream that can be applied on several surfaces, including natural stones, ceramics, porcelain, and more. It polishes out scratches, general wear and tear, scruffs, and an overall lack of shine. In doing so, it is able to restore those surfaces and give them that fresh, new look that might have been lost over time. It contains no aggressive chemicals, and is an ideal solution to giving your porcelain a new look as it is cost-effective and easy to use. With this product, your porcelain items will always look like new.


If you have given your old porcelain items a new look, you don’t really want to have to keep doing it again and again. Thus, the final and probably most important tip here is to properly and regularly clean your items. Whether you have painted, polished, restored, or repaired, these things will not last forever without proper cleaning and care.  Regardless of your type of porcelain item, you must clean it with a non-abrasive, mild detergent mixed with warm water. This will do the job just fine and will not erode away at your items. If you manage to maintain your porcelain items well and in a regular basis, you would be extending their lifespan well beyond the years.

Giving your old porcelain items that bright, shiny new look is much easier than one might expect. As with anything, in order to do a good job, you should do your research to make sure you don’t end up making any easily preventable mistakes. Whether you are a complete novice, or a seasoned pro when it comes to DIY, restoring your porcelain and giving it that new look does not have to be an expensive job.