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Is Insurance Adjuster a Good Career

In this article, we will hope to tell you a few of the reasons why insurance claims adjustment is a field of work that is great to get into. Insurance claims adjusters are involved with virtually everything, from homes, lives to cars. If you can lose something, there’s a damn good chance that you can have it insured. Because of this, there is no shortage of work, and with a rising population, insurance adjusters are in high demand. To answer our titular question of is insurance claims adjustment a good career, then the answer is a big ol’ yes!


Insurance adjusters earn a considerable amount of money and receive chunky paychecks. This is no surprise, considering how integral they are to our society. This is one of the main reasons why people pursue this career, and it is a career easily pursued; once you have your licensing out of the way [which is not as difficult as some make it out to be], you can get started making money even at entry-level. Insurance adjusters regularly make over six figures, even when they are just starting out. A survey has shown that an insurance adjuster can make upwards of a thousand dollars for a full day of work. That’s big money.


Many industries are fraught with uncertainty, and recession can mean unemployment. This is especially relevant now, considering that while this is being written, we are on the cusp of global recession [due to the SARS-CoV-19 virus]. Insurance adjustment is recession-proof because it is a necessary career, and one our society could not and will never live without. Businesses and homeowners all need insurance, as does anyone driving a car, so, because of this, insurance adjusters are here to stay.

Entry Barriers

Unlike other high paying careers, insurance adjusters do not have many barriers to entry, and you can get into the field of work without having to study for years in school and without incurring substantial schooling fees. Crippling debt and education go hand in hand, which is why becoming an insurance adjuster is great – for you do not need a college degree. You simply, in most states, need to be over the age of eighteen, hold a driver’s license, and pass a CRB [Criminal Records Bureau] check.

Helping Others

In our world, so few are concerned with helping or making a change in people’s lives. Insurance adjusters regularly help other people and aid them in living a stable and comfortable life. An insurance adjuster’s entire business is helping people – it is what you will do all day every day. You will help people return to normal after a loss and help me to recover after a tragedy. Insurance adjusters work closely with victims, inspect damages, research incidents, and help victims get their due.


Insurance adjustment is a diverse and interesting career. No one day is the same, and you will be required to visit signs of tragedy and disaster all day, every day. Once you have worked in the field for a while, you will have a wide array of areas to choose from, from fire to water damage. The options extend far beyond these, too. 

There is an unlimited amount of options for you to choose from. The diversity offered in insurance adjustment is fantastic, and unlike any other career. If you want a versatile, diverse, and ever-changing profession full of adventure and intrigue, then insurance adjustment is undoubtedly the career you are looking for. No one day is the same.


When working as an insurance adjuster, you will have to travel a lot. Insurance adjusters are called to all corners of the country to investigate and check out insurance claims. You will be required to visit areas battered by storms and natural disasters, which can mean that you will be traveling everywhere. If you wish to work in a job where your office is the road and where you could be called to Nevada one day, Florida the next, then insurance adjustment is a career to look into. Insurance adjusters are a lot like nomads with no fixed base or location.


The career is flexible, most of all. You can fit your schedule around your obligations and decide the days that you are going to work. The flexibility offered by insurance adjustment is surely one of the most appealing features of the field of work and why so many people want to become insurance adjusters.With the help of this page, you now know a few reasons why insurance adjustment is a job to consider. Hopefully, we should have answered the titular question, but if we haven’t, or you didn’t read the introduction, then yes, insurance adjustment is a good career.