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How to Get an Insurance Claim after a Car Accident

Statistics from the World Health Organization show that more than 1.35 million people lose their lives annually due to road accidents. The non-fatal injuries from these accidents are even higher, as they surpass 50 million. And while no one ever wishes to get an accident, the sad truth is that the numbers increase every year, despite the safety measures. So what do you do when involved in a car accident in Toronto? The first step, of course, is to get first aid. But an insurance cover can facilitate the process. 

Here is a step by process of how to get an insurance claim after an accident.

1. Check Injuries

As earlier mentioned, the initial step is to check for injuries. The small injuries will only need the first aid, but the severe ones require an in-depth medical examination. It is, however, advisable to seek medical attention, irrespective of how you feel. A timely medical test will help you get the X-rays, and any other testing to know if you have any internal bleedings or injuries. To support your claim, keep a record of all the medical expenses and reports. Also, keep a record of all the conversations you make with your medical practitioner. 

2. Gather Evidence

It might be tough to gather evidence when you are injured. You should, however, call the nearest police, or ask your fellow passengers to help you collect the evidence. Evidence is the only proof that the accident occurred, and that’s why you should include everything possible. 

Here are some of the things that you should not leave out when collecting your accident evidence.

  • Police report – Seek the help of the police immediately. The police will inspect the accident scene, and give you a form to fill. The form will act as a report that you were a victim in the accident scene.
  • Vehicle details – Write down the number plate of your car and the model of the vehicle you were in at the time of the accident. Also, note the number plate for the other vehicles as well.
  • Photographs – Use your camera, or smartphone to take pictures and videos of the vehicles, the physical injuries, and the people around the accident scene.
  • Witnesses – a witness is somebody who was there at the accident scene. These could be your friends or other passengers.
  • Physical damage – Pay close attention to the visible damages on your vehicle. 

3. Contact Your Lawyer

Your injury lawyer can help you gather the right evidence, and facilitate the claim application process. If you already have a lawyer, call them immediately, and get helpful advice. If you do not have the lawyer, use the available online and offline resources to get a reputable personal injury attorney to walk you through the process. The best lawyer should be experienced and be willing to explain every step they take. 

4. Contact Your Insurance Agent

You can now reach out to your insurance agent when you have collected the evidence and communicated it to your lawyer. Different insurers in Toronto handle cases differently. If you do not have any coverage, browse these options to know more about the current insurance rates and options. When you make a call, your agent will most probably request you to fill a form. The form will have general questions, which include your name, full addresses, and so on. Be keen when answering the questions to avoid making errors. Also, provide accurate information only because incorrect details can cause serious repercussions. Be sure to write down the accident scene’s address, physical location, and the evidence. Your injury lawyer will help you attach your proof, as you initiate your claim process.

Here’s is what your insurance agent in Toronto might do:

  • Inspection – Your agent will inspect the accident scene to know if the information you have provided is correct. They will compare the notes you gave them, with the real situation on the accident scene.
  • Process your claim – if your application was right, the agent will check if you pass the other requirements for the compensations. If you do, they will repair your car, pay for your medical expenses, and carry out the different forms of compensation.

A car accident is a traumatizing event. It can affect you physically, emotionally, and financially as well. Despite the effects, you can get compensation from your insurance firm if you follow the right steps, and attach the proper evidence. So, apply for the right coverage, work closely with a personal injury lawyer, and know your rights when involved in an accident.