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How to Easily Find the Prices of Your Favorite Restaurant Online

When it comes to eating out, the choices can often seem endless. First, picking your cuisine of preference, eat in or take out, local or further afield, there are many things to consider. Lastly, but usually the most critical factor in your choice, how much will it cost. There is nothing worse than arriving at your favorite spot and finding the menu prices do not match your expectations. Knowing the accurate and updated prices of your favorite restaurant is an essential part of the decision-making process. Perhaps this the part you find the most difficult to navigate and don’t know where to begin. Here is a guide to finding the prices of your top foodie spots online.

Does The Website Have A Menu?

An excellent place to start might be seeing if your best restaurant has an up-to-date website, including a tab for a menu with prices. This would give you a good idea as it is information coming directly from the restaurant itself, so ideally, the pricing should be accurate. Usually, there would be a downloadable PDF, image, or written version that you can easily screengrab and refer to the next time you find yourself in the same restaurant-choosing dilemma. With the current global pandemic, more restaurants are investing in their online presence, so hopefully, this should help you find the information you require.


A downside of checking on the restaurant’s page would be if the website is a little outdated and the restaurant prices have since been updated in-house. Sometimes, more upmarket restaurants like to create an air of elegance and mystery by not including prices. Supposedly, if you can afford to eat at these establishments, the prices should not bother you. This can be frustrating, especially if you have been invited to meet friends and want to know what to expect in terms of budgeting. The process of checking multiple restaurants when trying to pick your choice can also become tedious, especially if the restaurant site is not very user-friendly and hard to come across online.

What About Consulting A Price Checking Site?

What if there were services dedicated to this exact type of predicament. You may find yourself trying to pick a restaurant to support either in person or via delivery but are unsure of the exact prices to make this decision easier. Did you know that price comparison pages and apps allow you to make this process far more seamless? For instance, if you are contemplating getting Arby’s but not sure if you can afford to treat everyone in your group, visiting will give you the most current prices updated from multiple locations of Arby’s. It makes the process a lot faster and convenient. This type of resource extends further than just restaurants and to many other service providers like automotive and pet-related.

Check Out Restaurant Social Media Pages

If you prefer to keep to the world of social media, like Facebook and Instagram, many restaurants nowadays have their page. If their social media strategy is regular and up-to-date, you might find that they have images of the most recent menus on their page. They also might post specials and other price-specific items online. If you prefer to correspond with the restaurant directly, many are more than willing and prompt to share the prices with you via direct message. Again, this might feel like a slightly timeous and laborious process. It also depends, too, on the restaurant’s social media use.

Good Old Fashioned Email

If you have a few of your best-loved places in mind, how about sending a quick email to ask them to share the latest version of their menu? That way, you can have it in your records to consult at a later stage. You can also send a stock-standard mail out to all the restaurants you are considering. That way, you don’t have to type out individualized requests. As you might be thinking, this process may also end up being slightly time-consuming and relies on good customer service on the restaurant’s side. Probably not something you would do at the last minute.

The decision of choosing where to eat out among your favorite spots can often feel overwhelming and endless. There are ways of consulting the web to make this process easier for you. Ideas such as a restaurant website, social media, direct message or email communication, or consulting a site are your options. See what works best for you and suits your style of making a decision. Hopefully, this ‘How To’ guide can help make the process a little more painless the next time you are in the mood to eat out or dine in with your favorite restaurant doing the cooking.