autumn pair of brown ankle-strap sandals on floor

How to choose women’s shoes for autumn?

Autumn is no time for sadness. Autumn is the time for the release of a new autumn wardrobe. Shoes play a major role in it. Not only does it help complete the look, it also keeps your feet warm. How to choose the right women’s shoes for autumn? Let’s figure it out.

The material is the first thing you should pay attention to. When buying shoes for autumn, give preference to leather. It can be any: smooth, varnished, with pile (suede, velor, nubuck). Patent leather is poorly breathable (which is why it is good for autumn), but is susceptible to temperature changes. Give up patent leather shoes when the thermometer jumps from -10 to +20.

Suede is a capricious material, but it will easily endure scuffs and scratches, but it is difficult to clean off dust and dirt.

Velor and nubuck are more resistant to getting wet, but quickly wear out and greasy. If you take care of such shoes correctly, they will retain their original appearance for a longer time.

Shoes for autumn should not let water through, which means that there should be a zipper on boots and ankle boots. The ideal option is when the lightning reaches the sole. Carefully check how the “slider” works. It slides easily, the zipper is sewn firmly, the line is even.

A few words about tailoring. High-quality tailoring is a guarantee that the shoes will not only look beautiful on the foot, but also be worn for a long time. Smooth lines, the absence of traces of glue, creases and scuffs are indicators that the shoes were bought correctly.

For autumn shoes, a soft and elastic sole is preferable. It creates comfort when walking, therefore, the legs get tired less.

A few words about the heel. Young girls, trying to look elegant and fashionable, choose a hairpin. But such shoes will lead to a curvature of posture, and walking in such shoes is difficult. Leave the stiletto for formal occasions, and for every day choose shoes with medium heels. The flat sole looks stylish too.

What else should you pay attention to. If the toes are tightly compressed, then cracks and calluses can form. Buy shoes in your size.

When buying, pay attention to the fact that the shoes are easy to take off and put on.

The choice of shoes for autumn is so large and varied that every woman will find a product to her liking. What models are worth paying attention to?

Shoes are always in fashion, always elegant. Suitable for both outdoors and indoors.

Ankle boots will save your feet from the first slush.

Boots will protect from autumn frosts and emphasize the beauty of the legs.

Good shoes are not cheap, and you need to approach the choice of shoes carefully. Look for your pair, which will not only be comfortable to wear, but also make you feel like a queen.


The best shoes for early autumn are shoes that have not undergone any drastic changes this season. The main style of shoes is classic. A minimum of decor, elegant clasps, straps. Both the heel and the solid sole are in fashion. The toes of the shoes can be pointed or rounded.

Stiletto shoes are still in fashion, without which it is difficult to imagine going out, smooth pumps with a glass heel and closed wedges on a high platform. This fall, you will often see loafers that look like moccasins on the streets. They are distinguished by a low massive heel and are decorated with fringe or tassels. Another highlight of the season is shoes made of leather, nubuck or suede with pointed toes and wide heels.

Ballet shoes for autumn are much less like pointe shoes. They are decorated with steel inserts, decorative buckles and other bold details.

Ankle boots

“Ankle boots are always in trend, but this fall they look much sleeker. Their main task is to emphasize the beauty of women’s legs, and modern models do an excellent job with this. High-heeled ankle boots with lacing are at the height of fashion, and in warm weather, light and openwork models with cut-out sides are quite appropriate. For mid-autumn, choose closed ankle boots made of waterproof materials and do not risk your health, beauty does not really require sacrifice, as some women believe. Closer to winter, models with fur cuffs will appear in shoe stores – you will feel comfortable and warm in them.

Modern designers recommend getting tapestry-like ankle boots, velvet and satin boots, or models decorated with bright prints that imitate patchwork. Imitation of lacing, colored leather inserts, unusual heels, oriental and geometric patterns, as well as houndstooth patterns are also in fashion.


Cowboy boots have come and gone from the fashion list over the past few years. But they are back to be back in the spotlight in 2022. Now it’s not just one style. These are classic models in brown soft leather, metallic silver or even red with embroidered flowers, all of which are in line with the trend. Somehow, Ariat Boots in western-style always make an outfit prettier by adding flair to it.

Jersey and brogues

Another modern invention in the shoe industry is brogues, perforated boots with wide, low heels with a cut-off toe and lacing. There are full brogues with perforation on the toe in the form of the letter W and along the perimeter of the shoe, semi-brogues with perforation along the toe in the form of a straight line and quarter-brogues with slots along the seams. A special trend is high models with thick soles, a combination of matte and patent leather, textile inserts, floral prints and a bright palette of shades.

What to wear with women’s brogues in autumn? These shoes go well with jeans, fit into business attire and look stylish with romantic skirts.

This fall, there will be interest in jersey-top boots and ankle-high Chelsea boots with elastic panels at the sides. Move away from the classic gray-black-brown range and pay attention to cheerful youthful colors. But the most fashionable model of 2018 will be Chelsea with mink or fox inserts to match the color of the shoes.