Sleep tests sluggish night's sleep Man Sleeping on the Street in Rio's Favelas
Man Sleeping on the Street in Rio's Favelas

How To Be Even More Comfortable While Sleeping

One of the most organic ways nature makes humans refresh and re-energize is through sleeping; it is highly recommended that you get a minimum of 6-8 hours of sleep daily. After going through a long hard day, most people want to retire to their bed and get a good sleep.

Failing to get quality sleep can lead to an individual being less productive, even sluggish in reaction. While it can be pretty easy to shut your eyes and travel into the dreamland, mainly if you are stressed out, with some tricks, your bed can serve more than just a sleeping place but where you can enjoy premium relaxation.

Here are some tips. Though they may seem too obvious and simplistic, adhering to one or two of these will see you enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

Put One Foot Outside The Covers 

Sometimes it can get so chilly, especially in the middle of the night, that you want all parts of your body covered with a blanket so that even your feet won’t be exempt. Putting your feet under the covers or outside can make them too cold or too hot, but putting just a foot forward helps you create a balance.

Sleeping with one foot or hand outside is suitable for body cooling because it helps you to let out heat through the body extremities.

Blanket! Blanket! Blanket!

The blanket is like the best buddy that you like to hug when time is rigid, or you want a feeling of someone being there. A blanket can help you get a night of better sleep by keeping you warm when the night is very chilly. However, if you want a therapeutic blanket that uses deep pressure stimulation to improve your overall sleep quality, then you should go for a weighted blanket. A Honeybird weighted blanket, in particular, is great not only for those who suffer insomnia but also for those with anxiety as it helps to relax the nervous system and help with stress. It is also essential to note that if you are not a fan of heavy weighted blankets, you can go for materials like fleece or polyester as they serve the same purpose of keeping you warm. A blanket also helps you shut out distractions like light, movement, or noise. This is especially true for people who battle with a sleep disorder.

Pillows Are Good Companion

Do you want to get more comfortable while sleeping? Get some very comfy soft pillows. If you find it hard to sleep, just hugging a pillow can give you extra comfort and security. To enjoy your sleep better, you need to understand various pillows for different sleeping positions.

For a side sleeper, you need a pillow that will support your neck while keeping your head aligned, and if you are a back sleeper, a pillow that supports your neck and shoulders to keep your spine aligned. 

Wear Comfy Pyjama 

You are going to bed, which means you are in your perfect comfort zone. That means you can afford to go to bed in breathable big-size pajamas; it is not just the bed sheets or mattress that determines your comfortability when sleeping. What you wear to bed is also a significant factor.

Except when the weather is super chilly, it is always better to wear something friendly and accessible to bed.

Adopt A Bedtime Ritual That Works For You 

At times it may not be about the sheets, covers, or mattress. That is why you are not getting enough sleep. Relaxing your mind and body will go a long way in helping you sleep more comfortably. There are different healthy bed rituals that you can adopt. A warm bath or shower will help calm your nerves and loosen your muscles so you can feel more relaxed while sleeping.

Other beneficial ways you can relax include listening to slow music before you fall asleep, reading your favorite book, yoga, meditation, and so on.

Mattress Matters

Be very selective about the type of mattress you purchase because it affects how much you enjoy your sleep. It would be best to invest in a quality mattress because it has a massive impact on how comfortable you sleep. You don’t want to keep rolling from one edge of the bed to the other, which could lead to sleep deprivation

A good mattress also supports your body by not sinking at the hip region, thus, allowing your whole muscles relaxation. 

You can also ensure you get more comfortable while sleeping by washing your bedding regularly, keeping your pet away from the bed, keeping the screen out of your face, using dull colors for your drapes or curtains, amongst others. It would be okay if you let nothing impede your sleep. You deserve a splendid night’s rest like everyone else.