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Cannabis Buying Mistakes That You Might Want to Avoid

For the initiated, cannabis buying is almost second nature. They understand the strains and what effects they have, and so on. However, those just beginning their journey might be less aware of the main things to consider. Therefore, this guide will discuss the various mistakes to avoid when shopping for cannabis.

Buying From An Unreliable Source

Whenever you are buying your weed, you should ensure that it is from a reliable dispensary. Nowadays, most people go online to get what they need. Still, the major disadvantage of purchasing items online rather than at a physical store is that you cannot speak with a real person. Nonetheless, there are some things that you can do to alleviate this issue. Initially, you could contact them using the details they provide on their site. Reputable sellers like those over at will have all of their contact details easily viewable. Therefore, you can send them a message and see what their reply is. In addition, you can check online and see if there are any customer reviews for the dispensary you are considering. After following these steps, you should be able to tell whether they will sell you high-quality weed or not.

Unregulated Dispensaries

Although marijuana is legal in many states and Canada, you cannot be sure that the shop where you buy it is regulated. Therefore, you must check that the online store you are buying from is regulated and licensed to sell not only cannabis but also any paraphernalia that comes with it. 

Not Shopping Around

While shopping for weed is slightly different from other types of products, some things remain the same. For example, if you are a first-time buyer, then only buying from one place might mean that you are not sampling the best cannabis out there. Therefore, you should initially buy from several stores and test the product that arrives. The quality of the products and customer service can differ significantly between the sellers.

Putting Price Before Quality

Whether looking for CBD products for a concentrated area of use for pain relief, or full-strength marijuana to help you relax and unwind, cannabis is definitely a product where the more you spend, the better quality you will receive. While there are diminishing returns when it gets to a certain level, by and large, if you pay a bit extra, you usually end up with something far more worthwhile. This is primarily due to the amount of work needed to create top-notch weed. This includes sourcing it, nurturing it, and packaging it correctly for delivery. Furthermore, if you buy from a reputable supplier, they will likely have put their product through quality control tests which typically involves sending samples to a lab for testing. This is expensive, but it all adds up to a great product that is pure and provides you with the most benefit.

Buying Without Doing Your Research

By far, the biggest mistake that novice smokers make is not fully understanding what they are buying. Cannabis has so much variety that you can experience different things from consuming different opinions. Three main types exist, including Stavia, Indica, and a hybrid of the two. The primary difference between Sativa and Indica is that while an Indica strain will stimulate both body and mind, a Sativa strain will primarily arouse bodily sensations. These strains can be found in different breeding programs currently used by large cannabis growers. Not all strains are created equal, so knowing what type you are looking for when purchasing is essential.


Sativa cannabis is a type of marijuana that has a high THC content and low CBD content. It’s known for causing a more energizing and uplifting experience. This is arguably the most popular strain of marijuana. There are various strains available, but Sativa cannabis is known for its energy inducing effects. It’s called “Sativa” due to its light, airy flowers that are often taller than other strains.


Indica cannabis is a type of cannabis that has a calming effect. It produces a sedative and relaxing effect on the user, which is why so many people flock to this type of cannabis. Indica takes longer to take effect than Sativa, but it lasts much longer. You may experience some side effects such as confusion, drowsiness, lethargy, and dry mouth from this type.


Hybrid Indica Sativa cannabis has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its unique properties. It was developed by crossing two different marijuana strains, which leads to a balanced high with many benefits (low THC, high CBD). Some people even claim that it helps with anxiety and depression.

The mistakes listed in this post are more common than most people think. Nonetheless, as long as you take some precautions, use your common sense, and most importantly, do your research, you should walk away with great weed.