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How Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Fight for the Justice of Clients

While infrastructure builders aim to accommodate the pedestrian in every corner of the city, accidents on the sidewalk or crosswalk are unfortunately common. Only the vehicle comes out relatively scratch-free in a collision between man and machine. Regardless of the impact force, pedestrians will likely sustain injuries in a road accident.

Data from the Insurance Institute on Highway Safety shows that deaths from pedestrian accidents have risen by 46% in the last decade. That’s a worrying trend. Such pedestrian accidents leave victims with life-altering injuries and insurmountable emotional and financial burdens.

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation’s 2021 Annual Crash Report, there were a total of 3,062 pedestrian accidents in Atlanta during 2021. Of those, 46 resulted in fatalities, and 1,527 resulted in non-fatal injuries. The report also showed that most pedestrian fatalities occurred at night (60%) and involved pedestrians failing to yield to motor vehicles (63%). If you or a loved one sustained injuries from a road accident, immediately contact Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyers, who can help you gain compensation and seek justice.

Gathering Evidence, Proving Negligence, and Liability

The process of achieving a just verdict for victims of pedestrian accidents goes beyond simply filing a claim—pedestrian accident lawyers cover all bases. From the outset, they conduct thorough investigations and meticulously gather evidence to build a solid case. This includes:

  • Obtaining police reports
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Reviewing surveillance footage of the accident
  • Collaborating with medical professionals to assess the extent of the victim’s injuries
  • Establishing a clear link between the accident and the resulting harm.

With a comprehensive approach, pedestrian accident attorneys lay a solid foundation upon which they build a convincing argument for the responsible party’s liability. Since they understand all relevant laws in-depth, pedestrian accident lawyers prove negligence and liability by analyzing the evidence gathered.

Pedestrian accident lawyers demonstrate that the at-fault party failed to exercise reasonable care in their actions, directly leading to the victim’s injuries. This involves showing that the driver was distracted, speeding, or acting recklessly during the accident.

Representation in Court

Where an out-of-court agreement fails to yield satisfactory results, pedestrian accident attorneys champion for justice of accident victims by representing them in court. Their extensive knowledge of the legal system enables them to navigate the corridors of justice and pursue fair compensation by demonstrating liability/negligence.

In court, the attorney counters arguments by the defense to shift blame onto the victim, ensuring that their client’s rights are fully protected throughout the legal process. Trusting the expertise of a pedestrian accident lawyer makes all the difference in ensuring that, as a pedestrian accident victim, you receive the financial support you need to recover and rebuild your life following such an unfortunate ordeal.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies and Pursuing Equitable Compensation

It’s common for pedestrian accident claims to involve multiple parties, including those hurt, the at-fault driver, and insurance companies representing both sides. Pedestrian accident attorneys thoroughly understand the complex web of insurance policies alongside the legal and financial aspects of these claims. This knowledge enables personal injury lawyers to effectively advocate for their clients—negotiating with insurance adjusters to see that the compensation awarded is fair and just.

Pedestrian accident attorneys counter tactics employed by insurance companies, which are inclined to minimize financial exposure by disputing the severity of the victim’s injuries. Your legal team will do independent research to verify all information. This will be crucial if your case goes to trial. No new information must come up in the trial.