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How Frequently Do People Get Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth refer to the third set of molars located at the back of your mouth, and can appear in an individual or not. Most people get these unneeded teeth in their late teens or early twenties. However, that is not the case for others who might not get them at all.

The vast majority of people have between two and four wisdom teeth. There are few others with only a single wisdom tooth or, as stated above, none.

Why Some People Don’t Have Them

When you go to a dentist and have an x-ray done, you will certainly know whether you have these extra teeth or not. You should know that it is perfectly normal and not an oral health issue if you don’t have any. For a professional opinion on your own teeth, don’t hesitate to care for your smile with the Dentist in North Eastham.

One crucial factor that affects the presence of wisdom teeth is genetics. Therefore, if your parents do not have any, chances are that you don’t.

Other factors could influence the appearance of wisdom teeth such as your diet, environment, and chewing mechanics. Just because you can’t see superfluous teeth with the naked eye does not mean that they are not there hence the importance of the x-ray.

When Do They Appear?

There is no specific time for when wisdom teeth appear. They will typically appear in most people between the age of 16 and 21. On the other hand, that is just a rough guide as some will get them sooner while some will get them later.

If you want to get your them removed, you should do it when you are younger. You may be able to get them surgically removed when you are older but the procedure is much more difficult then.

The removal process has become easier with the progress of dental technology. However, you should spare yourself the pain and difficulty of removing them later in life.

Purpose of Wisdom Teeth

The human mouth has space to adequately handle 28 teeth. Therefore, the question most ask is what is the purpose of wisdom teeth?

If you have 32 teeth, then you have all four of your wisdom teeth. Removal is a common procedure as you will see on Vinterbro Tannlegesenter because the mouth only has room for 28 teeth. Skipping removal can lead to overcrowding.

Dentists are yet to ascertain the true reason for the development of wisdom teeth. The fact is that they serve little to no purpose and often do more harm than good. If you find yourself in need of wisdom tooth extraction or any other dental services, look no further than the best cosmetic dentist Marlborough, or your local area has to offer. With a reputation for exceptional care and transformative results, their expertise extends beyond oral surgery to enhance your overall smile and confidence.

Wisdom Teeth Complications

If you have enough room in your mouth to handle these extra teeth, then they should not be a problem. However, some people choose to remove their them even when there are no complications.

Common complications you can expect include tooth pain, swelling & redness of gums, oral infection, and cavities among others.

Failure to remove wisdom teeth earlier may necessitate oral surgery later, as they will be more troublesome the longer they are in your mouth.

In conclusion, people get wisdom teeth at various times of their lives. Some don’t get them at all. However, the removal of of them is crucial to avoid complications later.