electric cars

The Best Things About Driving Electric Cars

Electric cars have a certain reputation that’s starting to feel unwarranted. They’re often looked at as these snooty vehicles people drive on their way to Whole Foods while lecturing everyone on the benefits of a vegan diet. People see electric cars as a form of snobbery – but that’s changing. 

These days, we have more and more electric cars that remove any snobbery and replace it with excitement. Modern EVs have a lot going for them and can be a joy to drive. Sure, it’s a big bonus that you help cut down on carbon emissions, but if you’re a car lover that enjoys long drives, here are three awesome things about driving electric vehicles. 

Instant torque and rapid acceleration

Because electric cars run on electric motors, they have instant torque. Effectively, this means there’s no wind-up time when the “engine” gets going. In a traditional car, you have a period where the engine slowly revs and builds up power as you start to accelerate. Here, instant torque means you fly off the line right away. 

It’s like being in a supercar, but you’re in a small electric coupe! It’s absolutely crazy and makes overtaking a breeze. Hard overtaking moves are done in an instant – like overtaking a massive truck. Before, you may fancy your chances as your car is much faster than the truck, but its length makes it hard to pull out ahead and get back in safely. Especially if the truck driver doesn’t slow down! Next thing you know you’re having to contact a truck accident attorney and your vehicle is a mess. With an EV, you fly by slow-moving vehicles even if the driver’s an idiot and speeds up. It’s very fun – and extremely funny when you pass faster-looking cars in your small EV. 

A smooth ride

The lack of an engine really impacts the way a vehicle feels. Electric cars have a buttery ride – it feels like you’re gliding along all the time. This makes the car so good to drive and you become addicted to sitting behind the wheel. 

No longer will you have to deal with juddering or vibrations while driving. Sure, you have terrible road conditions that impact the ride, but the general driving experience feels so smooth and responsive. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt before and you’ll notice a difference right away. 

Much better braking

Accelerating in an electric vehicle is amazing, but the braking systems are incredible too. Again, it goes back to the idea of not having an engine. The absence of an engine means these cars have no gears at all. As such, braking is much easier, smoother, and more responsive. 

Even in automatic cars, the gearbox has to move down through gears when you brake. It does this by itself, but it can often mean more force is needed and your stopping distance can increase. In an EV, everything feels instantaneous. The brakes are super responsive and you slow down so easily. Overall, it feels like you have more control over everything in an EV. 

Do you lose out on the thunderous groan of an engine when driving an electric car? Yes. Are those weird fake engine noises in some cars cringe? Also yes. Still, EVs have lots of benefits. From saving the planet to providing a more fluid and exciting driving experience, there’s a lot to enjoy here. Maybe it’s time you consider making a switch.