summer sweat

Hiding Sweat in the Summer

Its no mistaking that we all sweat and unless you suffer from hypohidrosis. Armpit sweat is an inevitability in the summer. Everyone sweats, yet everyone is embarrassed of their body trying to cool them down. As someone who sweats way too much and have tried everything, I can guarantee the following tips will conceal your sweat and have you back out in public in no time.

Say goodbye to light colored shirts. Yes, I know it’s the summer and you want to wear those pastels but the truth is sweat will show up easily on gray, light blue, red etc. Gray is one of my favorite colors to wear, but in the summer it looks like I smashed two water balloons underneath my arms. I now opt for an indigo t-shirt, which hides the sweat marks perfectly. Other colors that have worked are maroon, army green, and color block shirts where the top block is a darker shade.

Get a high strength antiperspirant. Certain-Dri has been a mainstay in my repertoire of toiletries for the past few years. Before using this product, consult your physician and see if it is right for you. I apply it before bed and I’m good to go the following day. Without getting too graphic, I have noticed I get clogged sweat ducts from time to time which are pretty uncomfortable and resemble a zit you can’t pop. Beauty has its price, as does not looking like swamp monster.

Fun fact: Sweating doesn’t cause the pit stains; it is the aluminum in the antiperspirant. The aluminum is what stops the sweating and is generally harmless because it is in a controlled area, but clothes hate it. I recommend putting on any antiperspirant at night to minimize the pit stain effect. In the morning, apply your deodorant as normal and you’ll be fresh the entire day.

The final step if none of these tips have worked: Botox. That’s right, LA’s favorite age-defying Botox. If you have arrived at this step, consult a professional as I am not an expert on Botox. It is better to hear it from specialist in the field than a guy who gives out fashion advice on the internet.

If you viewed our post on linen, we remind you that a linen shirt is a light layer that will hide the sweat. While these methods can’t stop hyperhidrosis or excessive sweat, they can conceal sweat just enough to provide you that confidence you need. Now you’re ready to head back out into the world with tell-tale rings around your arms and collar. Go forth dry man!