Halo Top Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is a high protein, low-calorie ice cream that is silky smooth and extremely satisfying.  With only 240 calories per pint and 24 grams protein you can indulge in a great treat while still getting a massive amount of protein with extremely minimal calories.  Not Your Father’s Root Beer by Small Town Brewery is a dangerously good Spiced Beer that tastes like the best root beer you have ever had with a hefty 6% ABV.  This beer is both an amazing Root Beer and a very good herbed and spicy craft brew.

When I mixed a scoop and a half of Halo Top Vanilla Bean with a bottle of Not Your Father’s Root Beer I made a root beer float that is unparalleled in taste, consistency, and satisfying goodness.  This creamy concoction was the best desert I have ever had; the creamy and flavorful ice cream balanced the spicy notes of the root beer perfectly.  It was so good I had to immediately make my wife one since she was eyeing mine like a alpha predator about to pounce on prey.

A Halo Top Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Not Your Father’s Root Beer float is a thing of legend; do yourself a favor and pick up these two products and make yourself the best float you have ever had.