Guys Nights You Won’t Want To Miss!

Getting together with friends, strengthening bonds, and having some guy time isn’t just a luxury. In fact, for many guys, it is an essential part of maintaining their wellbeing and mood. Sadly, with the busy lives, we lead it can be tough to find the time and the motivation to meet up regularly. Although the suggestions for activities below can undoubtedly make doing so a lot easier. 

Retro arcades

One of the most fun things you can do on a night out is to find a retro arcade and while away the time playing Pacman and Donkey Kong! In fact, many of the arcades are designed to resemble old school pizza parlors from when we were kids, which makes them an even more fun and nostalgic option. 

Happily, venues that offer these kinds of entertainment are getting pretty popular now. A fact that this list of 24 arcades stands testament to. Something that means it actually super easy to find a location where you and the guys can have one of the most fun nights possible. 

D&D night 

Staying with the nerd theme, it’s not just retro arcade games that make a cool guys night. In fact, there has been a massive resurgence of tabletop games like Dungeon and Dragons (D&D) as well. 

The great thing about D&D is that you can play at home, or in a bar or cafe if you choose. You can also play what is known as a one-shot, which is a single game that will last just for a night or get a campaign going. That is a longer game that is played over several regular sessions. Something that gives you and the guys the perfect opportunity to get together for a few beers often. 

Petrolheads paradise 

If the old school nerdy activities aren’t quite right for your guys’ get together, how about enjoy some gas-guzzling adventures instead? In fact, you will find that all over the country are race tracks where you can try your hand at NASCAR. Although sometimes they offer some more unusual vehicles such as tanks, and on occasion hovercrafts. 

Alternatively, you could go for carting or an off-road experience instead. The reason being that many people find these tonnes of fun and they can be a great bonding experience for you and your boys too. 

Golf it Up 

You may not have the time or the handicap for a genuine game of golf. However, a great option that all the guys will enjoy is crazy golf. In fact, even if you have some members of your group that think they are the next Tiger Woods, mini-golf can help level the playing field. After all, getting that ball through the windmill, or the water hazard can be a lot tougher than it first seems. 

The other great thing about mini golf is that courses are usually close to restaurants and even bars so you can access refreshments before or after or even while you play. Something that means all the guys are guaranteed not to want to miss this option.