Picnics man in gray crew neck t-shirt sitting beside woman in black tank top

How to Enjoy Public Park Picnics Like a Pro

Picnics are a timeless way to enjoy your spare time. Friends, family, and romantic partners alike will love the time you spend preparing great food to eat outdoors. But it can go terribly wrong! Fear not, because from food protection to the best accessories, here‘s what you need to know.

Find the Perfect Place

Where you go is just as important as the food you prepare. The setting of your picnic can determine what you need to take, the right food to make, and the overall feeling of the occasion. A good picnic menu is as convenient as it is tasty! For example, maybe you are looking for things to do in Charleston South Carolina. A picnic at Riley Waterfront Park is one of the most popular, and you can also purchase iconic Charleston foods from local vendors.

Protect the Food and Yourself

Bugs love food! Ants, wasps, and flies are typically attracted to your sugary snacks and tasty morsels! It is inhumane to kill them all, and you can face a tirade! So what do you do? The first thing you need is a picnic blanket to provide a stable base and keep creepy crawlies away! But what about the food and drink? Table nets are a great way to stop flies from landing on your food. And it always helps to take lidded bottles and cups to stop flies and help prevent spillages.

Picnics Rely on Staple Foods

Picnics are still popular today, even with Gen-Z. In the UK alone, the average person gets out to around 3 picnics per year. Picnic food ideas are different for everyone. But there are some staples that almost everyone enjoys. Sandwiches are the first thing that springs to mind. But try making these with various breads and high-quality fillings for a treat! Of course, we all love chips. A variety of chips will please everyone. How about some healthy grains, fruit, and dips?

Invest in Quality Accessories

It isn’t always easy to enjoy a picnic. The weather, facilities, and inconveniences can get in the way. A reliable accessory that can really make things easier is a foldable picnic table. This will help keep things stable, and you can sit and enjoy yourself without sore butts and stiff knees! Of course, the weather can be a major inconvenience. Invest in a windbreaker to prevent food and cups from blowing away. If possible, buy a parasol to keep things cool and shade yourself.

Remember Cleaning Products

You are generally in the middle of nowhere when you enjoy a picnic. You could be miles from a convenience store or other facilities. And you are more than likely to get food and drink on your hands and face. A good picnic basket should also contain cleaning supplies. Dry and wet wipes are a Godsend. But remember to pack some cleaning solutions in case you spill food and drink on the public walkways or picnic tables. And, of course, remember to take garbage bags!

Finding the perfect place is the most critical part of enjoying family picnics. Remember to take family favorites such as sandwiches and chips. Cleaning supplies will also help in a pinch.