Like To Play Poker? Make Your Game More Enjoyable With These Tips

Have you ever been sitting with a group of friends playing poker and you’re getting absolutely crushed? Your skill isn’t where it needs to be, you’re getting clowned, maybe you’re drunk, making the emotions a little too real. Take a deep breath. Instances of losing are inevitable. That does not mean you choose to keep losing money at every game. No matter your starting level of talent, there are things you can do to enjoy the experience, regardless of the end result.

Sneak A Little Help

Before you try this, be sure that your friends have a sense of humor, because no one wants to feel slighted. But if you really just can’t seem to catch a break enlist a little help from a cheating camera for poker games to get a little boost. How does this work? Well, a small wireless camera is placed in a random object that won’t draw suspicion like a lighter, clock, or an ac unit. This is able to read specific barcode-marked cards. Once scanned, that information is transferred to the phone analyzer that will further break down the information, giving you an idea of what is the best or worst hand. How does it tell you this? Through mini earpieces. If you’re up for some sneaky deception, this is a great option.

Use A Webcam

If your poker sessions take place online, you should definitely consider installing a webcam device that the entire group can access and use. Just because you guys may be far apart, doesn’t mean you can’t make the experience as real as possible. Being able to see your friends/competitors in real-time will make the game more lively. Expressions of victory and defeat are sometimes quite spectacular. Those should not be missed. There are many apps that allow you to install such a webcam. Sort through and decide which is best for you to get the show on the road. 

Learn The Game

If you want to be regarded as a serious poker player who knows their stuff, you need to spend some time studying the game. You will become more attune that not every hand needs to be played. You will learn to control your eagerness and make smart plays instead. Don’t go betting willy nilly just because you want to be an active participant in every game. Should you be playing with real money, that lesson will be learned painfully. Ask more experienced friends for help. Do some reading online. Watch some poker tournaments. All of these will allow you to pick up on some tips and tricks to better your game and to make it a more enjoyable experience. 

Yes To Side Bets


For some added intrigue and fun, place little bets with other players. Bet a friend that you will last longer than he will in the game. Take a poll on who other players think will lose the most money. There are a number of silly yet entertaining things to make side bets on. It keeps everyone on their toes and encourages them to play better so as to win even more money.

Poker is a great way to pass the time with friends or online with strangers. Use these tips to give you an extra edge.