The Most Affordable Way to Ship a Car

After you have found the car that you like, what you are probably thinking about now is the shipping cost. Shipping a car from one county to another or from abroad can be quite expensive. People are always trying to think of ways whereby they can spend less and still relocate their car. Of course, the cost of shipping your car will also depend on the make of your car since it will determine how it will be transported to where you are. Here are affordable ways to ship your car.

Hire somebody to drive the car and bring it over to you

Though it is not a popular option, it is a cheap option. What would make you feel uncomfortable is having someone that you do not know driving your car? However, during summer there are a lot of drivers that want to hit the road and travel while experiencing new things. The driver will pay for the cost involved while they head to a new city, that is, food, hotels that they sleep in, and any other personal expenses that they are likely to incur during the traveling period. The owner of the car, on the other hand, will take care of the insurance costs. It will save you a lot of money if you are willing to take the risk. If you want to reduce the risk involved in having a complete stranger drive your car, you can look for a driver through a middle man. Intermediaries will vet the drivers, they will have them produce documentation, and they will have the driver make a deposit of around a thousand dollars. If you do not want your car to travel to a faraway distance, then this is not the shipping method for you. 

Ship the car by truck

A lot of people opt to transport the car through this means of transport. It is not so cheap, but it is cheaper if your car will be transported using a common route or if it is a short distance location. Your car shipping cost will depend on the type of car that you are transporting, the season, the distance which you would want it to go, as well as the condition of the car itself. Before you make the decision to hire a broker to transport the car for you, you would want to carry out your research on them. See if they are credible and if they can be trusted. Look for the company online and see how long they have been in operation. How long they have been in operation is not a guarantee, but if they have been doing this for some time they are likely to be more trustworthy. Look at the reviews that they have from their list of clients and decide whether you are going to trust them with your car. Be careful with brokers who try and ask you for a lot of money before the delivery has been made – it could probably be a scam. 

Get on the road and drive the car yourself

This is probably one of the cheapest car shipping cost options available. Driving the car yourself is probably cheaper and safer since you are more careful and cautious. If you have time on your hands, it is probably the best method. You will have to part with gas money, money for food, and hotels. However, it is worthwhile since the cost is low compared to other options. While traveling you will come across budget-friendly hotels – you don’t have to overspend. 

If you take the trip with someone else you will probably get to your destination faster since you will take turns driving. The only time this option would be expensive is when you take an unpaid leave from work in order to get your car. It will end up raising the cost in which case it would just be better to have it shipped to you. Also, if you have to travel a long distance to get your car you will have to pay for a plane ticket. A one-way plane ticket is expensive and you will end up spending a fortune. This option is suitable if you are on holiday or if you have to get the car in a place that is not far away. 

These options will help you decide which method would be cheap and reliable for your situation. Weigh your budget as well as your situation and then decide on the best way to ship your car.