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I can only think of two people that would ever be excited by a robe: The Dude and Hugh Hefner. However, thanks to Winnifred Beach’s Sport-Utility Bathrobe you can now add me to that esteemed list.

No silks or satins here, this robe is all organic bamboo-cotton fleece. Though I’m not sure if that’s cotton made from bamboo or a type of cotton called bamboo, I do know it’s amazingly cozy and warm. What makes this a Sport Utility robe are the nylon pockets and accents. The robe features two large cargo pockets (one on each side) capable of holding an iPad, a chest pocket with a Velcro enclosure and a second chest pocket with a spot for a toothbrush, pen and phone. Only available in the one color the robe has a distinctively manly look reminiscent of Robin Hood or Green Arrow.

I know social norms don’t allow for robes to be worn outside the house, but never wanting to take this off I plan to challenge those norms.

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In addition to his work with FactoryTwoFour Jonathan serves as Executive Editor of RIDES magazine, a national print and online custom automotive lifestyle brand.

He attended Southern Methodist University where he graduated with a degree in English and Cinema/TV. Since then Jonathan has put both degrees to work pursuing his two passions: lifestyle and the entertainment industry.

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