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Getting the Most Out of a Weekend In Vegas

Most of us would love to spend weeks and weeks enjoy the attractions that exciting cities have to offer. We’d love to take our time, explore everything that these cities have to offer and visit any sites that we’ve always wanted to see. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option. You might struggle to get more than a few days off work, your budget might not allow for an extended break, and often, short city breaks are the only way to go. 

A weekend might not seem long enough to enjoy an exciting and dynamic city such as Las Vegas. But it can be. A weekend might not give you long enough to see absolutely everything that Vegas has to offer, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make the most of your trip and have a truly magical time. With just a little planning, a weekend in Vegas can be something that you never forget. 

Plan Travel Carefully

If you’ve only got a weekend, suddenly your travel arrangements become much more important. You don’t want to arrive late on a Friday night, only to leave again first thing on Sunday morning, then you’ve only really got a day. Arrive early Friday, and leave late on Sunday, and you’ve got three days, but you are paying for the same number of nights in a hotel. 

Stay in a Central Location

Where you stay is also important. If you had a week or more, you might choose to save money by staying in a more remote location and traveling to anywhere that you want to see daily. When you’ve only got a weekend, you don’t want to waste time traveling between destinations. You want it to all be on your doorstep. 

Book Some Events

The last thing that you want to be doing on a short stay in Vegas is looking for something to do, or standing in a queue. So, book some things in. Take a look at booking a VIP experience at Omnia for the perfect end to your evening, and reserve some other events that you’ve had your eye on to complete your stay. 

Do Your Research

Do plenty of research before you book. Find the tourist hotspots you want to see, any shows that you’d like to attend, and any casinos that you want to try. Book some in, make a note of others. Research peak times, and quieter times when you might not have to queue. Plan any transport that you might need when you arrive. Being organized can help you to fit much more in. 

Take a Tour

If there’s a lot that you want to see, or you just want to spend some time taking in the atmosphere and sights, a tour is a great way to do it. Use the tour to make a note of places you’d like to visit on your next trip to Vegas.

Book Some Recovery Time

A weekend isn’t long. If you are trying to fit a lot in, you are bound to be tired. Try to schedule some rest and recovery time shortly after you arrive home so that you don’t feel as though you need a vacation to recover from your trip.