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Rent to Own or Finance: Weighing Your Options for Tires and Rims

When you consider upgrading your vehicle’s rims and tires, some financing choices might float through your mind. Some of the common options are renting or financing. Both of these options have perks and functions. But it is important to understand the significance before making an informed decision. This blog will explore the features, pros, and cons of both approaches to financing a vehicle so that you can choose the best option according to your preferences and financial status. 

Exploring Renting Tires

Rent to own tires and rims is a well-beneficial option for those who want to change their tires and rims without making a huge upfront payment. This option includes agreeing with a provider of tires and rims, to whom you can make occasional payments whenever money is available. When the agreed-upon term ends, you can own the rented products completely. 

Pros of Rent to Own

  • No Credit Check: Rent-to-own setups don’t need a credit check. This makes it a feasible option for people with a low or limited credit score or poor credit history.
  • Immediate Access: Rent to own option enables individuals to use the tires and rims instantly without needing approval from the provider or saving a huge down payment.
  • Flexibility: If you face any financial difficulty during your rental term, you can easily return the products without paying any kind of penalty, which gives you more flexibility over traditional financing.

Cons of Rent to Own:

  • Higher Overall Cost: Rent-to-own options sometimes come with higher total costs than buying the tires and rims directly or using the traditional method of financing. 
  • Limited Choices: Rent-to-own providers have a limited range of products, restricting your choices instead of what you might get at tire dealership shops or retail stores. 
  • Interest and Fees: Rent-to-own agreements often involve hidden fees and higher interest rates that might increase over a long period and hike the overall cost. 

Traditional Financing for Tires and Rims

Traditional Financing for tires and rims involves getting a loan from the bank, credit union, or tire dealership so that you can purchase the products needed for your vehicle completely. It is the opposite of renting because you fully own the products in this arrangement after paying fixed payments until you pay the whole loan. 

Pros of Traditional Financing

  • Lower Overall Cost: Traditional financing usually has lower overall costs than rent-to-own setup because this allows you to dodge some extra fees and interest rates.
  • Wide Product Range: The traditional financing setup has many tires, rims, and other products. This enables you to find the perfect and preferred fit of products for your vehicles. 
  • Building Credit Score: Regularly paying on a traditional financing setup will positively impact and hike your credit score. This will help you formulate your credit history. 

Cons of Traditional Financing

  • Credit Check: Traditional financing requires a credit check from time to time. If your credit score is low or your history could be better, you might be hindered by certain challenges while obtaining a loan.
  • Down Payment: Depending on the lender with whom you bought the equipment, you might have to make a down payment. This will be added to your upfront expenses.
  • Ownership Delay: Traditional financing might take some time to provide the products you have bought, unlike a rent to own arrangement, where you get your tires and rims immediately. 


Whether you rent or finance, always be careful about the terms and conditions before signing for them. Choosing between renting and financing is ultimately based on your status, credit score, and preferences. Always give priority to safety and quality while selecting tires and rims.

Renting to own presents a flexible and accessible choice, allowing individuals to enjoy immediate access to high-quality tires and rims with manageable monthly payments. It is an excellent option for those with limited credit histories or who prefer a shorter commitment.

On the other hand, Financing provides an opportunity to own the products outright through fixed monthly payments over a specified period. It is ideal for those seeking long-term ownership and the potential to build credit with consistent payments.