Find The Right Utility Knife

There is one certain tool that has born with and has evolved with the human race. From a chef, to a woodsman, if you were to ask, then this tool is life. I am of course speaking of a knife. A knife is easily the most useful, yet unrealized object that almost everyone has access to. As one might assume, it is also something that every man should carry with him in some way, shape or form. Certain readers by now have noticed that I refer to a knife as a tool instead of a weapon. This is because they are in fact tools, and should be used as one. Carrying a knife in no way makes you a badass. Furthermore, a knife is somewhat like your manhood. It’s good to know how to use it, but you tend to look foolish when you start waving it around at people to impress them. There are many kinds of knives that serve many different purposes, but the most versatile for the average man are as follows.

Easily the most common style of knife is the classic Swiss Army knife. I’m sure almost all of you are familiar with it. What’s not to love? It’s small, non-threatening, and is loaded with little gadgets for every occasion. It fits in a pocket, and is easily the most useful invention made with four inches of steel. The brand to look for if you are in the market for a Swiss Army knife is Victorinox. They are the original producers for the knife, and interestingly enough, have never laid off an employee. Not only is the quality of their knives commendable, but so is their corporate structure, and that is worth supporting.

If you have the complete and utter need to have a separate tool for every situation that might arise, perhaps a multi-tool is for you. These are the Swiss Army knives’ big brother, and are for the serious outdoorsman/gear hound. What they are essentially is a set of pliers, that are collapsible, with a full array of knives, screwdrivers, and the like built into the handles. The famous producer of these tools is Leatherman, and the pieces they produce are worth every penny you might spend. Mine has been through thick and thin, and hasn’t yet rusted, failed, or otherwise broken. The Leatherman multi-tool is an investment that will have you covered for years to come.

The final category of knives that are considered convenient for every day carry are the classic lock-back folding knife. Favored by hunters and most of the knife carrying public, a lock-back is simplicity at its core. One blade, one handle, many uses. These are considered the best knife for personal defense (though I never recommend finding yourself in a position to treat it as such), besides a fixed blade knife. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, so if you are interested, it comes down to personal preference. The brands the produce the best value knives in this category are Gerber, SOG, and Cold Steel.

When it comes to finding a knife, it is a bit like making a best friend. This tool is going to be by your side, every day, doing whatever you ask of it and only stopping when it dies. Because of this, you have to be completely comfortable with your knife. Never sacrifice quality for price, never sacrifice comfort and ease of use for aesthetic. Buy smart and use smart, because we’ll have knives until the end of our time in the universe.