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The Importance of a Clean Office During a Pandemic

The campaign for cleaning and sanitizing offices has recently been intensified due to the recent surge in viral outbreaks. This comes as health organizations and governments around the globe are struggling to defeat the COVID-19 global pandemic. Office cleaning is essential for maintaining the health and motivation of your employees, and at the same time, it helps to create the correct business impression to your customers. In the event of a pandemic, regular office cleaning is done for the following reasons.

Protecting Employees and Clients’ Safety

Your office is a hot spot of interaction that other people frequently visit, including workmates, employees’ clients, etc. You owe it to these people to feel safe while they are visiting your premise. As each of these individuals walks in and out of your office, they interact with various surfaces by touching. This makes cleaning of these surfaces a necessary obligation. If you live in Toronto, it would be best if you considered hiring Toronto office cleaners who pride themselves in servicing several corporate branches. Regular cleaning of the office would reduce the chances of such an incident occurring. It is your responsibility to ensure that your office’s area is cleaned to protect yourself and those who share the office with you.

  • Using Soap and Sanitizers

Cleaning and sanitizing the office environment means more than maintaining the face cleanliness. The nature of the virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic makes it susceptible to soap and alcohol-based sanitizers. This means that using soap and water to clean surfaces would kill the virus, and this would eventually help to reduce the total number of infections and lead to the complete elimination of the virus. This virus is spread as a bio-aerosol. Upon landing on a surface, the virus can survive up to several hours and increases the risk of infecting the next person. However, the lipid coating surrounding the illness can be dissolved using a sanitizer or soap. Thus, cleaning the surfaces would significantly reduce the chances of survival of the virus.

  • Air Quality Within the Working Environment

The air quality around your office directly affects the performance and health of your employees. Stuffy and congested offices could increase the risks of employees contracting airborne diseases and also reduce brain activity. Regular cleaning can go a long way to making the environment fresh and active at all times. Air quality can also be improved by the use of filters and potted plants within the office. It is recommended that you get a professional to install these vital services for your office. 

Gaining a Stable Brand Position

Consumers associate a clean and tidy environment to high and superior quality products. This mentality surprisingly surpasses through all kinds of markets from the hospitality industry, corporate offices, or even in furniture shops. This means that a clean office could serve as a vital competitive advantage to make you stand out from your competitors. Your business could benefit from this trust that customers place in your brand that would result in financial gain. 

Reducing the Transmission of Infections

High contact surfaces are physical locations and items that have to be touched by almost every individual walking in and out of a particular environment. High contact areas can be the most popular method for disease transmissions. In an office environment, there are a large number of high contact surfaces. These include door handles, switches, countertops tables, toilets, desk phones, touch screens, sinks, gas pump handles, ATMs, etc. Cleaning teams should practice regular cleaning routines, at the same time, pay close attention to these high contact surfaces and clean them even more regularly.

Creating the Correct First Impression

You can never overestimate the importance of the first impression in business. When clients first walk into your office, the kind of presentation they encounter determines whether they will want to keep engaging you in their activity. In the event of a pandemic, this first impression is even more severe. A dirty environment would make your clients feel unsafe and unwilling to do business. You must make your clients feel safe and free to interact with the industry by ensuring your office is always sparkling clean.

The idea of cleaning offices and workplaces amid the pandemic lies beyond just maintaining routine hygiene. It is a matter of safety that is also involved with saving lives. As the epidemic continues to claim the lives of thousands worldwide, maintaining a regular cleaning routine in our workplaces is one thing you can do to move a step closer to a COVID free world. In addition to managing the safety of employees and customers, clean and tidy offices go a long way in boosting your business image, which translates to financial gain.