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Easy ways to bump up your home value

House prices are currently at an all-time high in the UK with an average value of £277,000. Whilst the likelihood is that you’ll have made some good profit on your home, that shouldn’t stop you from doing all you can to increase your home value as much as possible. 

There are many things that you can do to your home to add value. This can include adding extensions or simply renovating existing rooms in the house. This article will explore some of the changes you can make to instantly add value to your home. Read on to find out the best ways to get a better price for your home. 

Add modern furniture

Whilst most homes will come unfurnished, there are some modern furniture additions that you can make that will become a part of the home for future owners. This can include mirrored sliding wardrobes

Wardrobe space often comes at a premium in homes and so, if you provide the new homeowner with their own wardrobe embedded in the room then the room will appear more spacious and have better storage which will only increase the value. 

Add a conservatory 

What better way to add value to your home than by adding a whole new room to your downstairs living space. Conservatories provide a space for families to spend time with each other and during summer are incredible for relaxing. 

The average cost of a conservatory costs around £15,000 and is one of the easiest ways to add value to any home. 

Convert your garage 

Garages are often just spaces where items you don’t need every day are stored and they can end up becoming a mess. If you were to convert that space into a brand-new room then you could add significant value to your home. 

Room ideas can include an office, a playroom or even a library for avid book readers. Whatever you choose, when you turn a garage into a room that can be used, your home’s value will increase.

Other ideas to consider

Whilst the first three are guaranteed to add to your home value, they do come at a high cost. If you don’t have that kind of budget then you could try the following which will also help to spruce up the value of your home.

  • Give it a new lick of pain 
  • Ensure the garden looks nice
  • Double glazed windows