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Essential Equipment That Every Disc Golf Player Should Own

If you are looking to get into disc golf as a hobby, or if you are looking to take the game more seriously, you will want to consider getting more equipment to improve your game. Different accessories can help to improve your experience. Here are a few essential pieces of equipment that every disc golf player should know about and own.

Plenty Of Discs

Discs are the most important or essential piece of equipment when you are considering disc golf. There are varying discs of size and weight, and you will always need extras to ensure you are never short of a disc while on the course, encouraging many to join and play. The discs you have will also vary in terms of their performance, so you’ll want different ones when you are gauging the baskets and course in terms of distance, obstacles, and other factors to help you decide on the best disc to use. 

Disc Golf Bag

You will definitely want to start with a disc golf bag when you are talking about the different equipment you need on the course. Choosing the right disc golf bags is crucial to ensure that you can carry everything that is essential to a good day on the green, having all your other accessories and equipment with you, but also and most importantly, all of your discs. Of course, you also want to factor in comfort and portability in addition to the room you have, to ensure that you are as mobile as you are prepared with all your gear.

Water Bottles

As an athlete, you always need to stay hydrated. This is key for all sports, and disc golf is just as physically demanding as many sports. The fact is that you will also be playing outdoors and under the sun means that you are expending more energy and sweating more while in the heat, meaning that you need to replenish your fluids more frequently. Unlike golf where most people will traverse the green by golf cart, you will often have to walk and hike around and through the course, so having water on you is extremely important. Consider bottles that not only hold your water but can keep them cold for long periods, as you will be outside for a large portion at a time.


Towels are another key piece of equipment for athletes. You will be sweating and having a towel helps to ensure that you keep the sweat out of your eyes, or keep your hands from becoming slippery. Additionally, if there is any moisture on your discs, a towel comes in handy to quickly dry them off.

Mini Markers

Mini markers are essentially placed markers used to indicate where your disc has landed and where you are allowed to throw from. As a casual player, you might not think of this as essential, but as you take a more serious interest in disc golf, these accessories are essential to tournaments and competitions. Even if you are only playing disc golf as a casual hobby, these markers can have multiple uses and purposes, from creating spots to practice from and indicate distances you want to work on, to playing with others that would not have these markers themselves.

Disc Golf

Chalk And Chalk Bag

When you are playing disc golf, grip plays a significant role in your ability and performance. This is touched upon by accessorizing with a towel, to help remove moisture from your discs and hands. However, there are other methods to help improve your grip and performance, and that includes chalk. Depending on where you are playing, humidity can also play a factor in creating a slippery surface on your discs. Having chalk means you can keep your hands dry without having to use dirt as a substitute. In addition to creating a mess, dirt isn’t always going to be consistent at all the disc golf courses you want to play at. 

Range Finder

As you are getting more into the sport and hobby, a range finder is useful to have for disc golf. This is especially helpful for people starting out as you might not be able to tell the distance to a bucket or hole just from eyeballing it. This will make choosing your discs, as well as taking your shot much easier to do with the knowledge that you have. You will find having a rangefinder will also have others asking you to give them some intel and information on their distances as well.

Equipment and accessories are helpful to add to your disc golf bag. Although not entirely necessary, these additions are beneficial to increasing your enjoyment and overall experience, making them pretty much essential for more serious players. Disc golf can be as casual or competitive as you want to make it, making it a great sport for all players.