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Effective Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes

Dark circles were maybe in style in the 90s when grunge music and greasy hair was the vibe. Nowadays, unless you’re part of a vampire death metal band, you probably want to get rid of dark circles when you have them. They can make you look tired, worn, or, in extreme cases, bruised. The following will explore some of the things you can do to get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes. Of course, there are many causes for these issues, so you may need to try multiple methods before finding the one that is right for you.

Use Cold Water Or Items To Reduce Swelling

Sometimes swelling and puffiness is the cause of bags under the eyes. A little bit of cold water pressed gently into the area can help tighten the skin there and reduce the appearance of swelling. Likewise, a cloth left in the freezer or cold cucumber slices can help as well.

Get Your Allergies Tested

Of course, if the swelling is very severe, get your allergies tested. You might be allergic to something that you don’t realize is in your environment, resulting in puffy eyes that look like they have eye bags beneath them. Consider this, especially if you also notice your eyes are watery when you wake up or are occasionally itchy.

Try A Lymph Massage

Beneath your skin, there are lymph fluids that help remove toxins from your body. If they’re overworked or struggling (which is the case for almost everyone who lives in a big, polluted city), a lymphatic drainage massage might be what’s needed. It might seem strange that massaging the sides of your face and back of your neck can improve the flow of lymph around your eyes, but it’s all connected. For best results, do the full body lymph massage.

Be Gentle When Applying Products

There are a fair few high-quality products that can help with dark circles or under-eye bags. This being said, the products can work against you if you’re not applying them with the utmost gentleness. The skin around your eyes is easy to bruise and cause swelling if you press too hard. Anytime you’re researching how to get rid of dark circles, make sure you’re paying attention to how abrasive the solution is. Don’t try anything that involves pressing hard or scratching at the skin around your eyes.

Get More Sleep

This is the self-explanatory one, but sometimes it is the most effective. Dark circles and under eye bags are, more often than not, caused by a lack of sleep. The only long-term solution to this sort of problem is getting more rest. We know this isn’t always an easy one to hear, especially if you’re incredibly busy and stressed and don’t feel like you can afford the time, but it is important for all aspects of your health and beauty. There’s a reason people use the term beauty sleep. Every area of your life is impacted by lack of sleep, your skin, hair, weight, mood, energy, productivity, and health. Before anything else, try to get more sleep. Your body will thank you.

With the above tips applied, you should be able to find the culprit of your dark eye circles and under-eye bags. Take your time and be gentle on your skin; listen to what it’s telling you.