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5 Fantastic Themes For The Perfect Party

Are you planning on having a party? Use this list of five fantastic themes to make sure your party is the talk of the town. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly party idea or something more sophisticated to help you celebrate with friends, this list had got your back.

Party Like It’s 1999

It can be hard to believe we are already in the second decade of the 21st century. Time flies when you are having fun. For a theme that can give your guests a sense of nostalgia without turning the clock back too far, consider hosting a two thousands themed party. This gives a shindig a great theme and is inclusive to all ages. Anyone who is a teenager or older now will have fun memories from the 2000s.

The era was filled with good music too, especially for a party. The food and fashion of the time weren’t too bad either. Check out this handy guide to hosting a 2000s themed party from Greenvelope. Not only can they help you create a party to remember, but they can also help you send some cute digital invites to your guests and keep track of your RSVPs.

Go Hollywood

For superior style and decadence, consider hosting a Hollywood-themed party. This is a popular choice with people. You can dress up as your favorite movie star or movie character. Iron Man can be enjoying a drink with Grace Kelly. Making this party a costume party is a fantastic idea and helps build up the theme. Make a Hollywood sign to put on your wall for a perfect addition to the party decor.

Cocktails are a sophisticated choice for party drinks, but make sure there are some alternatives for people who want to stick to something more recognizable. For snacks, choose popcorn. You can make these in a range of flavors to give people different tastes to accompany their cocktails. Cinema food is a great choice and easy to prepare. What is a trip to the movie theater without a hotdog? A Hollywood theme keeps things simple, and fun.

Host A Modern Masquerade

One of the oldest themes in the history of parties is a mask party. This theme may be as old as the parties themselves. People have been hosting masquerades of one kind or another since the days of the ancient Greeks. You can go old school and have a sophisticated party of traditional masks, or go wild and let any type of mask into the celebration. Celebrity face masks are a great option if you want fun instead of sophistication.

Masks are a lot of fun and help break the ice a little, especially at a party where not everyone knows each other. People are a lot more relaxed behind a mask. You also have the option of creating a theme within the theme. You can tell your guests to all wear a specific type of face mask to help give your party a unique look and feel. Celebrities are one choice, but you can go with superheroes instead. This is a good choice for a party where children will be present.

The Theme Is Bond, James Bond

If you are a fan of Britain’s best secret agent, then this party theme is a no-brainer. This theme gives you lots of options too. For a start, there have been many different Bonds with different styles over the decades. You can also add some casino games to help build up the theme and give your party some fun activities to play.

The dress code is the most important part of this theme. Tuxedos and cocktail dresses will give your party a decadent and sophisticated look, and help contribute to the theme. People can dress as their favorite Bond or Bond girl, or villain. Make sure you have some dry martinis available, shaken but not stirred of course.

Have A Hawaiian Luau

One of the best types of parties in the world is a Hawaiian luau. If you have some space outdoors and the weather is warm, this is the perfect party theme for you. Even if you don’t, you can have a lot of luau fun indoors, just crank the heat up a little to help get people in the mood. A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party that is used to celebrate just about anything. Weddings, birthdays, victories, and feasts can all be celebrated with a luau.

Vacation cocktails, tiki torches, and plenty of pineapple on the catering table will all help contribute to the theme. This is a great excuse to put pineapple on a pizza if you need one. When it comes to decoration choose natural elements like grasses and wood. Try to find a few potted palm trees to dot around the party area even if they are fake.

Any one of these excellent party themes can help you to host a memorable event. Pay close attention to your budget, it can be easy to get carried away when you have a great theme in mind. All of these party ideas can be done on a small budget, you do not have to spend a lot to enjoy yourself.