Dressing To Impress At A Job Interview

How you compose yourself at a job interview can be important for giving a good first impression. This includes the way in which you dress. Here are just a few fashion tips that could help you to come across as a good candidate – and possibly help secure you the job.  

Know the company dress code

Every company has its own dress code. Some companies require you to wear a suit and tie, while others a very casual. If a dress code isn’t discussed before going for your interview, it’s worth contacting somebody at the company and enquiring about this. You don’t want to underdress and come across too carefree; neither do you want to overdress and come across too conservative.  

Smart casual is a common choice for many modern employers. The definition of this can vary – for some employers jeans and trainers are appropriate, while others consider this too casual. It’s best to dress on the smarter end of smart casual if you’re unsure.

Clean your shoes

It’s long been a trend for employers to look at a candidate’s shoes. Taking the time out of your morning to shine your shoes before an interview can show that you are detail oriented and that you’re motivated and organised enough to plan ahead. Even if your shoes aren’t made of a material that can be shined, you should at least make sure that they are clean first.  

Make sure your clothes are a good fit

Clothing that is too baggy or a size too small can come across unprofessional. It can make you look as if you don’t belong in those clothes. Try to choose clothes that are a good fit so that you come across as a good fit for the role.

Wear a watch

While mobile phones all have digital clocks on them nowadays, it hasn’t completely taken away the purpose of a watch. A watch is more than a time-telling device – it’s a fashion accessory and a symbol of having good time management. Wearing a watch to an interview could make you appear more organised. Most of us already have a watch even if we don’t wear it – try to dig out your watch and consider looking into watch repair if necessary. This is more economical than buying a new watch solely for an interview.

Go easy on the cologne

A strong-smelling cologne could be distracting and there’s no guarantee that your interviewer will find it pleasant. While you do want to enter an interview smelling fresh, a subtle aftershave may be better suited.

Bring an umbrella

If it rains on the way to your interview and you have to walk outside at some point (which is likely), having an umbrella could be handy. This could prevent you turning up to the interview looking like a drowned rat. While a hood or a hat can mess up your hair, an umbrella won’t have this effect. It will also show that you’re prepared for every eventuality.