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Let’s Take A New Look At Time

Remember the time before everyone and their cousin had that clean, modern watch with no numbers, a standard case, and the hands that look like that one nautical based item? You know the one…it’s made by…wait…who?

Yea, that’s the problem.

Even as I look inside my watch box, I find myself sticking with trends, similar watches placed in groups, with little true variety and excitement to wear. The one piece of jewelry that I wear becomes so unrecognizable compared to the others that, well, that sense of unique fashion completion is lost.

And that feeling is not one I hold alone. Mitch and Andrew, founders of WATCHISMO, were used to seeing unique timepieces in their store, but felt that as they watched each one go off to its new happy home that something was missing. And after years of selling timepieces, they realized they could take their expertise in the industry, their knowledge of design, fit and finish, and quality, and build a brand that truly stands out on the wrist.

This natural progression from vendor to creator brings us to XERIC Watches, and their brand new collection of SOLOSCOPE mechanical timepieces launched on Kickstarter.


So what makes these SOLOSCOPE watches so different, standing out from the rest? Well, let’s talk about what they aren’t first. These are not a clone, replica, or homage piece. You won’t be getting this watch mistaken for any other brand. These are also not mass produced, with 999 of each model being built and sold. You probably won’t see another one of these pieces in the wild, and honestly, that’s not a bad thing.

These XERIC Watches are unique pieces of art, designed to worn, shown off, and of course, keep time. These highly unusual mechanical tell the time with one hand, fusing hours and minutes into a beautiful face taking up half the face. The other half of the face is the mechanical side, the beautiful pieces keeping it all going smooth. And as you wear it, you power the little piece of art, bringing it to life.

What we have here is something different, something truly revolutionary in the form of mechanical beauty. Not relying on computers or legacy designs, the team at XERIC Watches are bringing something new to the field, something that doesn’t just stand out as another watch, but will become a draw of the eye and talking point for the curious. This is not your daddy’s wristwatch – this is something with a whole new story ready to be told.

To jump into the incredibly affordable early bird pricing and awesome Kickstarter for one of the many designs available, head over to