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Demystifying the Island Sweet Skunk Strain of CBD for Newbies

The Island Sweet Skunk or Sweet Island Skunk or ISS is a sativa-dominant high-CBD strain that is energizing and uplifting. Today, many new CBD users are looking for products that will uplift their mood rather than relieve pain or give other benefits. Therefore, the Sweet Skunk is one of the highly sought-after strains of CBD hemp.

If you want to try the Sweet Skunk strain too, then you are in the right place. This article will demystify this topic to help anyone make the right decisions with ease.

Introduction to the Island Sweet Skunk Strain of CBD

Before trying this high-CBD strain, it is good to know some background about it. The ISS is a carefully bred variety with the aim of achieving high levels of CBD. It is a crossbreed of the Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Skunk #1 strains that was first created in Vancouver but has now been adopted in many other parts of the world.

According to experts, the flowering period takes about 8 weeks, yielding greenish and yellowish-orange hue buds full of CBD. These buds are then dried in readiness for sale or processing into other Island strain products.

The Cannabinoid Profile

The Sweet Skunk strain boasts a perfectly balanced CBD and THC profile, which is why it is very popular today. Experts say that dried ISS buds may contain up to 16% CBD and enough THC to make it slightly sedative and relaxing. Therefore, it does not make you feel high even as it gives that good energizing and uplifting effect.

The terpene profile also plays a part in making it very potent apart from carrying the flavor and aroma of the Island Sweet Skunk strain. The most popular terpene is limonene, which is good for combating microbes while giving the flower its citrus flavor.

Another popular terpene in the CBD flower is myrcene, which gives it a sedative effect while giving it a sweet flavor. Other terpenes such as beta-caryophyllene make the flower spicy and aromatic, contributing to its therapeutic nature.

Other Strains That Are Similar to Island Sweet Skunk Strain

This unique combination of therapeutic attributes and the flavor profile of the Sweet Skunk strain can be seen in other hemp flower strains today. According to the Cannaflower website, this strain is similar to their Hawaiian Haze strain, from the way it is grown to its color profile, cannabinoid and terpene profile, and even the effects.

Other hemp CBD strains such as Cherry Wine, Bubba Kush, and Remedy also carry the uplifting and energizing effect, although they may be slightly different in the actual profile. As a beginner, it is good to research more about the Island Sweet Skunk and many other strains before making a decision on what is best for you.

Benefits of the Island Sweet Skunk Strain

The Sweet Skunk strain has numerous therapeutic benefits just like many other high-CBD strains. If you are new to hemp and wondering if Sweet Skunk strain is a good option for you, then knowing these benefits will help you to make the right decisions.

·         It is energizing and uplifting – We have mentioned from the outset that the Sweet Skunk strain is very energizing and uplifting, thanks to its perfect balance of CBD, THC, and terpenes. So, if you are looking for an all-day strain to keep you going, then try the ISS.

·         It is relaxing and sedating – Another benefit of using the Sweet Skunk strain is to enjoy the relaxing and sedating feeling. As mentioned, its THC levels and terpenes bring ultimate relaxation, which makes it perfect for all-day use as well.

·         Relieves anxiety and stress – The relaxing nature of the Island Sweet Skunk strain makes it perfect for anxiety relief. This has been tested on both animals and people, giving positive results all throughout. The good thing is that you can take it at any time of the day.

·         Relieves pain – Just like all high-CBD hemp flower strains, the Sweet Skunk strain is perfect for pain relief. Whether you are suffering from chronic pain or post-injury pain, try this strain, and you will not regret it.

Where to Buy the Island Sweet Skunk Strain

Now that you have gone through the Island Sweet Skunk strain review and probably liked it, you should know where to buy legit products. Online stores are very convenient, especially if you take the time to buy from a reliable one. So, take time to go through the popular manufacturers and sellers before making a decision on where to buy. The good thing is that they deliver to your doorsteps.

Final Words

The Sweet Skunk strain is an interesting CBD flower for any beginner because it has a perfect balance of CBD, THC, and terpenes. It is energizing and uplifting and delivers many other therapeutic benefits as we have seen. So, make your order today from a reliable seller and enjoy the Island Sweet Skunk flower.