Brooklyn Bedding: The Perfect Bed Shipped to You

This bed induces good dreams. As I lay staring at my ceiling, I could feel tingling sensations running up and down my body like a pulse traveling up and down a string. I realized my body was acclimating to my new bed; trying to find a pressure point or a sag in the mattress to focus on. There were none, and my body didn’t know what to do with itself.

Let’s step back a few weeks ago to when Richard wrote about his Yogabed. In that article he urged his readership that they owe themselves a good night’s rest, and that the Yogabed could help them get there with its 4-layers of hibernation inducing squishiness. The Brooklyn Bedding mattress takes a different 4-layer approach to sweep you off to dreamland.


While the Yogabed centers around it’s breathable YogaGel, the BB mattress focuses on four layers of foam. The top two layers are all feel, while the bottom two layers focus on support. The very top layer is a quilted breathable cushion to keep you cool and the second layer is two inches of molded talalay latex to provide cloud-like tactility. A base layer of Poly Foam and a two inch Dunlop latex layer on top make for a solid breathable platform

When I unpacked this mattress with the help of my roommate, we could barely get it into place before we both were laying on it and saying “job well done – sleep imminent.” It is that comfortable. Especially coming from the mattress I was sleeping on previously, the lack of indentations and bulging springs means I’m waking up less and sleeping more deeply than ever before. I used to find it easy to get up out of bed in the morning because standing was about as comfortable as laying on my old mattress. Now I have to groggily squish my face into the pillow and languish the coming day before I leave my Brooklyn Bedding mattress.

Roommate after setting up the bed.

Before I made the purchase, I was consulted that any mattress that can be squished down, rolled up, and shipped in a 2’x2’x4′ box can’t possibly be any good. My consultants were dead wrong. Don’t think like I did and assume the mattress will be light because its made of foam. The box makes it look unassuming, but it was a two man job to make it up the two flights of stairs to my room. Once rolled out, it looks a little sad until it fully inflates, then you can check out but you can’t ever leave!