Secure home safe Video Doorbell by Ring

Ring: Your Front Door Watchman

I hear my doorbell chime and instantly my phone rings.  I ignore the chime that beckons me to the door and hit the accept button on my phone.  The video call starts and I see the peddler on my doorstep.  I speak directly into my phone and ask “What are you selling?”.  This is my favorite feature of my Ring Video Doorbell.  I will never have an awkward conversation with a door-to-door salesperson again. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Chicago or Kathmandu, I know who is at my front door. This is extremely important to me as a homeowner.

The Ring Video Doorbell partners with your existing iOS or Android devices.  As long as the device is connected to the internet, you can monitor the Ring.  The product designers planned for most install scenarios.  The packages includes the hardware needed for a new install or an upgrade.  This well thought-out assortment even includes a micro-level.  The level is attached to the mounting plate and makes an aesthetically pleasing install simple.  I was activating my installed Ring only 22 minutes after I removed the old doorbell button.

Ring Video Doorbell

My first test subject arrived a few hours after the install.  The notification popped up and I accepted the ‘call’.  I spoke into my phone and greeted him with, “How can I help you today?”.  A slightly spooked dealer of wares turned his head to my Ring and said, “This is interesting.”.  The conversation did not go much further.  I politely assured him that I was not interested in Arizona beach front property and pressed the end button.

What if your visitor decides to knock instead of using the doorbell?  Motion sensors are included for this very purpose.  The app allows complete customization of the motion sensor range.  Adjusting the zones and range to match your front stoop will make sure that all visitors are announced.  This feature alone sets Ring apart from competitors.

This addition to your home will provide the luxury of a high-rise intercom system without the price tag.  Eliminate lengthy conversations with unwanted visitors, document exact times of package deliveries, or you know, tell the food delivery person that you need a few minutes to put your pants on…