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The demands on a chef often make it hard to sit and eat a proper meal and as a result we tend to graze our day away. However, grazing is not optimal for a chef trying to stay fit. And while the old adage goes, “you can’t trust a skinny chef,” there are some good reasons to trust a fit one.

One of the best things to come from your favorite chef watching their diet is the creation of fun recipes that meet the needs of a diet driven consumer, while still delivering amazing taste. I have and continue to learn that what I consume affects everything from my mood to overall well-being. A few everyday changes that have helped me are: more proteins, power greens and vegetables. While it’s hard as a chef to find time to eat right all the time our already busy days I’ve found that a smoothie is a great and quick way to eat healthy.

Below is a recipe I love which utilizes some local spinach. As always with our recipes, use them a baseline and tweak to meet your needs. I love toasted hemp seeds in my smoothies as well as some chia.

My new Mountain bike is waiting for more time on the trail and it’s going to be a great summer. Happy blending my friends.

Green Monster Smoothie

Serves 1ea – 20 oz Smoothie

Ingredient Qty Measure Notes
Almond Milk, Vanilla ¾ Cup  
Spinach, Baby 1 Cup  
Kale, Baby ½ Cup  
Ice, Cubed ½ Cup  
Banana, Fresh 1 Ea peeled, cut into pieces
Protein Powder 1 Scoop use scoop in your container
Strawberries, Fresh 4 Ea – Large stem removed, sliced into pieces
Chia Seeds 1 Tbsp  
Toasted Hemp Seeds 1 Tbsp  


PREP METHOD:                      PREP TIME: 5 Minutes                       BLENDING TIME: Desired Consistency        


  1. Place the ingredients in order into your blender. (Vita Mix works GREAT)             
  2. Cover the blender pitcher.
  3. Pulse to start the blending.
  4. Turn on high and blend until desired consistency.
  5. Pour into a tall glass and enjoy.
About the Author

Chef Jason K. Morse is a Certified Executive Chef who is working to take the Colorado Grilling world by storm. He is a huge advocate for the grilling lifestyle and his company produces a high end line of rubs and spices sold at your local ACE Hardware in their grilling section. A master of the grill on weekends, you can find Chef at the helm of his Big Green Egg talking Colorado Beef and Red Bird Chicken. Jason and his company are also very savvy business consultants that focus their work currently with Student Nutrition. Don’t let that fool you though, this Country Club Chef has the skills and team to pull off any event at any level.

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