Irish Coffee: The Best Way to Start a Lazy Winter Morning

Nothing beats sleeping in late on a frigid winter morning with nothing to do except enjoy the quiet solitude of the snow covered world around you. My favorite winter morning drink is not a Mimosa or Bloody Mary and beer is definitely up there, but the best by far is the traditional Irish Coffee. The most popular method to make the Irish Coffee is with Bailey’s and Irish Whiskey is actually not the original recipe but one that has gained notoriety due to its pure simplicity and heavy marketing by Bailey’s. I am going to show you the original recipe using my favorite method to make the best Irish Coffee you have ever had

Start by brewing fresh coffee; I prefer a medium fresh roast brewed extremely hot with a french press, it releases the flavors a bit more well than drip. Take a couple ounces of heavy cream and whip it slightly to get it a bit foamy and aerated, you will add it to the top of the coffee as the very last step. Fill a glass coffee cup about two thirds full with the coffee and stir in a tablespoon of brown sugar and add about a shot of Irish Whiskey, my favorite is Paddy’s but Jameson is great as well and Teachers is not a bad cheap budget option. Finally pour the slighty whipped heavy cream over a spoon to evenly distribute it over the coffee as a type of float, ideally it should form a thick white crown over the coffee and stay separate from the rest of the drink. Sadly in mine from the pictures I did not whip the cream enough and it just distributed within the drink evenly and not on top.

This Irish Coffee recipe results in a perfectly balanced boozy morning drink that wakes you up and gets you feeling warm and toasty for the rest of the morning. So wake up late this weekend, put on some coffee and enjoy a long cold morning looking over the winter wonderland that surrounds you.