Casual Style Tips To Look Sharp But Not Smart

It can be tricky when you want to dress better, but all of the articles out there are telling you to wear chinos and shirts and to be smartly dressed, even on the weekends. But dressing that way all of the time isn’t going to be for everyone. Some of us are much more casual guys and prefer to be dressed well, but casual and comfortable. But can you dress well and be casual? Here are the style tips to help you be your best-dressed self, without having to be smartly dressed.

Dress Like a Man

If you have a quite casual style, then in the past you may have been drawn to some more casual clothing options, like slogan t-shirts, or brightly colored band tees. And while they are a good casual option, they aren’t going to help you to win any best-dressed awards. So the key thing here is to dress like a man, not a boy. Ditch the cartoons or silly slogans, and your wardrobe will have an instant update.

Get Jeans That Fit and Suit You

The classic for any fan of casual wear is a pair of jeans. But in reality, if you’ve not chosen the right pair, they could not be doing you any favors. If your jeans don’t fit you right, then you’ll instantly look worse. Is the leg the right length? Bagging around the ankles is never a good look. Are they too baggy and keep falling down without a belt? Are they so tight your legs look like matchsticks? Avoid excessive rips, embellishments, and bleaching, if you want a well-groomed, but casual look.

Change Your Footwear

Sneakers are great and really do have their place. But if they’ve been worn a lot, then they no doubt look a little tatty and can run an outfit. So think about mixing up the casual footwear that you choose. A brown pair of boots, much like the safety toe boots, can give your outfit an instant update, and look much better than some fading sneakers. Desert boots are a more casual boot too, and for a casual look, would be a better choice than Chelsea boots, for example.

Wear a Watch

You can add some instant style if you have a watch on your wrist. Plain wrists aren’t going to be doing anything for you. But a watch or even a leather bracelet, can be just what you need to give the outfit a little more personality and style.

Layer Up

You can layer up your clothes to add some variety, interest, and style. Take a plaid shirt, for example. You could layer it up with a chunky knit or scarf, and even throw a blazer over the top too. It is still a super casual look, just a much trendier casual look.

The key to dressing well is to keep it simple, in the styles that you choose and the colors. Take it one step at a time and you’ll be looking your best in no time.