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7 Important Tips on What You Should Visit and Do When in Turkey

When you’re looking for a vacation spot, Turkey is one of the places you can consider. But there are things you need to consider before you visit the country. Like every country, you need to have some tips at hand before you land there. 

With the right tips, you’ll know where to go and what to do, and such. It essentially makes your trip much easier to maneuver. Below, you can find a few essential tips on what you should visit and what you should do when you’re in Turkey. 

Respect the Culture

There’s a lot of cultures that you are getting into when you are in Turkey. And you need to ensure you respect it if you are to make your trip smooth. For example, this is a profoundly Islamic nation, and they practice it as much as they wish. 

It would help if you weren’t one who overly stares or makes others feel uncomfortable when they worship. You also need to know that Turkey is a secular state –religion doesn’t rule it as you’d expect. This means that people in Turkey are far more welcoming of others. 

When you’re in Turkey, the central pillar of the culture you need to respect is traditions, religious practices, and customs. This means that you need to be watchful of how you conduct yourself, especially in public. It would be best if you also treated people well here. 

Carry Cash

As part of what you need to do while in Turkey, you need to carry cash. Of course, you can have cards on you, but they aren’t reliable. When you visit the rural areas particularly, you need to have cash on you all the time. 

You can find vendors that accept credit cards, but you need to always have cash just in case. Also, try not to rely on ATMs here as they can easily reject your card without a valid reason. 

Butterfly Valley

If you are a fan of nature and all its wonders, you can look at Butterfly Valley in Fethiye. This is a sight to behold as the blue bay is curved up in between rising sheer and scrubby grounds. And the beach surrounding it is beautiful to lay down or watch. You can look it up among other great destinations while in Turkey through the destination guide. Look out for the guide today.

Learn Turkish Words

Before you visit any country, you should do well and learn a few words. If you are planning to visit Turkey or are already in the country, you need to learn a few words. At least, you need to know how to say hi and even ask for directions. 

If you learn a few words, it will make it easy for you to get through the country with minimum fuss. For example, when you greet a waiter in Turkish before you order, it will make them even more welcoming. They will also try to understand what you say since you took the time to learn their language. 

Istanbul Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

You can’t go to Turkey and miss the hop-on hop-off bus tour. This has got to be one of the most exciting tours you can take when you’re in Turkey. It gives you a chance to feel Turkey and Istanbul differently. 

There are several restrictions in this country, that this bus tour offers some sense of freedom. You can opt for a single-day bus tour, or you can take the three-day tour on the bus too. It can be a bit much after the three days. 

Dorms of Istanbul

Istanbul seems to have all the great places to go to when you visit Turkey, and there’s none better than the domes of Istanbul. One that takes up all the sight here is the Golden Horn. With the white curved in the marble and the stone, this is one of the prettiest things you can see. 

When you see it at sunset, the golden lights are something that you will live to remember. This is part of the incredible architecture that has been used all around the city. 

Dress Decently

When you’re in Turkey, you always need to dress appropriately. There are no specific styles to dress for ladies covering their hair, but the dressing needs to be decent by any standard. 


There are several things you can do while in Turkey and places you can visit. These are some of the things you need to do while in Turkey and places you can visit. You are sure to have a great trip if you have these things followed.