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Can You Buy a Car in Austin and Use Car Shipping for Delivery?

Whether you buy a car privately or at a dealership, you can use car shipping to have it delivered to your home from Austin. Fortunately, vehicle manufacturers and dealerships transfer inventory using car shipping services regularly. 

If the industry feels safe and secure in moving inventory using this method, a private car owner will be protected with the right car transport in Austin, TX, handling the transition. The new car owner will need to collaborate with the private seller or dealer and the shipping service to ensure a smooth process.

Any documentation the auto transport company needs can be sent to the dealer to present to the carrier upon pick up. Since the dealer works in transporting vehicles regularly, they have existing contacts in the industry, allowing them to help set up the shipment with a reputable company. 

It could then look as though these services are significantly discounted, perhaps even complimentary, but the charges were likely included in the vehicle’s sale price. Let’s look more in-depth at shipping a new car to your home.

Tips for Transporting a New Car to Your Home

When you buy a new car from a dealer in Austin and have it shipped to your home, the auto transport process can be smooth when collaborating with the dealership and the car shipping service. 

Often, the dealer will have contacts in the car shipment industry, allowing recommendations on legitimate, trusted companies. This can mean less stress and hassle for you in finding the best carrier, but it will still be nerve-wracking until the vehicle actually arrives.

Fortunately, with auto transport, services are available to keep autos safe and secure, including enclosed trailers for the greatest protection.

Find out what to look for in a car shipping service at and then look at a few tips meant to make the car shipping experience from the dealership in Austin hassle-free.

·      Buyer beware

You should never invest in a vehicle you don’t actually see and test-drive. That would mean taking a trip to inspect the auto or finding a professional in the local Austin area where the car is located to inspect the vehicle for you. This is referred to as “pre-purchase car inspections.”

It’s unclear if these are credentialed mechanics who assess the vehicles to sign off. However, an inspection by a five-star mechanic would be ideal to ensure it’s a wise investment, particularly if the car is preowned or used.

·      Oversized shipments

Oversized shipments are handled differently from other vehicles. While auto transport companies will ship oversized vehicles like farm equipment or other heavy machinery, these details must be disclosed upfront.

Car shippers need to use flatbed trailers for this equipment instead of standard transport. Click for further information on shipping cars. Special arrangements are needed for these trailers since they are less available, meaning there could be some delays with this particular transport service.

·      Discuss the shipping process

Before committing to a purchase with the car dealer, discussing car delivery is essential, particularly if you will be using a third-party shipping service to transport the auto to your home. The dealership will need to collaborate between you and the shipping company to ensure a smooth process.

Fortunately, most dealers move their inventory using transport companies. That allows them the benefit of recommending services they’re familiar with, making the process less stressful for everyone involved. 

The dealership will need to be flexible with vehicle pick-up and handle paperwork above and beyond the sale of the car. Many will add charges to the auto’s sale price for handling these services and for the cost of the transport.

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·      Flexibility

Flexibility is essential when having a car shipped to your home from a car dealership. If another auto or multiple vehicles are being transported to areas close to your location, it’s wise to allow flexibility with your delivery date for cost efficiency.

Car dealers will usually have a broad inventory that they send out regularly. Instead of sending only one car, it saves them money to ship several at once, which could then equate to savings for you. 

Plus, the auto transport service can offer greater availability when consolidating cars, resulting in the potential for a faster delivery. In that same vein, usually, the dealership will opt for open transport, a faster and less costly shipping process, albeit safe and efficient. These typically have extra space to carry more cars.

Final Thoughts

When you buy a new or used car and have it transported from a car shipping service in Austin, you’ll need to coordinate the process with the dealership and the auto transport company. 

Dealers typically ship inventory from one location to the next using auto transport. Hence, the associates are familiar with and can recommend legitimate, reputable companies that offer a smooth process. 

The priority is to be as flexible as possible with the dealer and the car shipper. In doing so, you could see savings on what will be a faster and more efficient transit.