What’s Your Escape Plan When Life Gets Hectic?

The vision of a carefree lifestyle, where you can sit down by the beach with a delicious tropical cocktail while your business runs itself, is the kind of thing we all aspire to. It paints an unrealistic image of life, but unfortunately, it is what we demand. The main reason why you and I imagine that success in life should look like never-ending vacations is that vacations stand for stress-free time. Life, alas, is very different from an idyllic holiday. It can get hectic. Whether it’s a demanding client who needs something done for two days ago, or your boss who has planned another all-day meeting that is going to affect your work, stress is everywhere.

That’s precisely why you need to figure out how to address your stress levels. One thing is for sure: Ignoring is never a good solution. Stress doesn’t disappear because you pretend it isn’t there. It piles up, slowly, silently, until you can’t take it anymore. It affects your relationship, your decisions, your lifestyle, and your health. Stress is an invisible enemy that can gradually take over your entire life, destroying everything it touches. Ultimately, stress is also the killer number one in the workplace. Let it sink for a moment. Stress kills. As there is no magic pill you can pop to get rid of it, you need to find the most effective coping mechanisms for your day-to-day routine. The most important question you need to ask yourself is: How much time do you have to relax?

Walk in the park

Only a few minutes; help your body release the tensions

When you’re managing a busy schedule, it’s fair to say that you may not have the opportunity to escape on a dream-worthy beach for a week. You need to find something that can help you here and now. Stress creates physical tensions in your body. You might notice shoulder and back pain as a result, for instance. Something as simple as deep breathing techniques can help to release those tensions, as it sends a clear message of relaxation to your brain. Breathing might be second nature to you, but engaging in mindful breathing exercises can be a life-changing experience. It can help you to relax ahead of a busy day by helping your brain to focus on physical functions, such as decreasing your blood pressure through slow breathing. However, when you’re already in a stressful situation, deep breathing may not be able to make a difference in a matter of minutes. Instead, you can introduce helpful compounds such as magnesium from a square of dark chocolate – which decreases stress levels – and nicotine – which blocks negative emotions. Smokers tend to control their unhealthy habits with vaping pens, using the best vape coils for soothing flavors, rather than tobacco. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, curb it by eating 85% or more dark chocolate.

I’ve got a free hour to spend at the park

More and more professionals are turning their lunch break into a walking breaking. Indeed, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, nature walks can lower your stress levels and improve your overall mental health. What does a nature walk consist of? You don’t need to head to a rural location. Something as simple as spending time in your local park can make a significant difference. Grab your packed lunch or buy something on the go and immerse yourself for a moment in the peacefulness of the trees, the flowers, and the garden.

A couple of hours to sweat it off

If you’ve been waiting until the end of the day to let go of your tensions, the best thing you can do is to engage in physical activities. Sport is proven to decrease stress effectively. If you’ve heard about the runner’s high moment, it’s a natural reaction of your body to any physical activity. It releases endorphins and serotonin, which can both lift your mood and reduce perceived stress. In short, head to the gym to relax!

Take an afternoon to reconnect with nature

Sometimes, all you need is to leave the quick-paced urban life behind for an afternoon. Reconnect with nature and forget about the sounds of cars and the deadlines that keep your phone buzzing. Switch off and head into the green or the blue. If you’re a sailor at heart, an afternoon on your boat is the best thing you can do. If you prefer feeling the ground under your feet, hiking offers a similar sense of bond with Mother Nature. Feel the fresh air on your face, watch out for the birds or the fish – depending on where you are – and let go of your worries.

Give yourself a weekend to relax

If you’ve got more time at hand, such as a weekend, why not book a room in a place that is dedicated to relaxation? Spa centers are not popular by chance. They do work, even though many men feel awkward at the prospect of receiving a massage or indulging in a jacuzzi. The truth is that a spa treatment can not only release physical tensions – what do you think massages are for? – but also soothe the mind. Ultimately, looking after yourself is the best thing you can do!

Every day: Get your lifestyle under control

Your lifestyle is a lot more than the exercise of complete freedom of choice, regarding when you want to go to bed to what you want to eat. While it might be tempting to do as you please – especially if you’ve had strict parents who wouldn’t let you alone with a pack of candies –, you need to understand how your lifestyle affects your body and mind. An unhealthy diet doesn’t only mean you’ve got to hit the gym to stay fit. It also fails to give your body the defense system it needs against stress. Vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids, and complex carbs are an essential part of your diet because they help to reduce stress naturally. Indeed, your cheeky lunch burger can have a lasting influence on your mood!

Avoid junk food

In conclusion, when you can’t escape from everyday stress, you need to find healthy tips to relax, whether you’ve got 10 minutes or 2 days. Helping your body to release tensions throughout the day is crucial to your physical and mental health… at least until you can build a successful career that lets you sip a cocktail on the beach whenever you please!