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Basic Tips on How to Create Your Own Will Without the Help of an Attorney

Everyone wishes to live up to old age and enjoy the best life has to offer as you grow old with family and friends. The thought that you can accomplish your life dreams and visions as you explore different universe things is pleasant. Sadly, we are mortal beings, and at one point, everyone will pass on.

With that fact in mind, it is critical to have a will in the event of your demise. Perhaps you feel you can’t afford an attorney and wonder whether you can have a legally binding one on your own accord. The truth is, you can probate a will successfully, as outlined below.

Do You Know Your Estate Value?

One of the most outstanding aspects that come to mind when you think of a will is what it will entail. It illustrates the division of property and assets upon your demise. Therefore, an instrumental aspect involves finding out the value of your estate. What is your worth?

It includes all assets and liabilities to your name. Getting a professional to ascertain the value of your estate is a critical step. It could consist of your home, savings, vehicles, insurance plan, investments, and even pension funds. You should also include your liabilities like a mortgage or even a bank loan. Additionally, it is essential to remember that estates appreciate over time, and therefore, getting the correct valuation at the time of writing the will is advisable. 

Make Detailed Division 

The essence of writing a will is to eliminate any possibilities of division and legal battles as your dependents fight for the property you have left behind. Therefore, identifying and explicitly addressing the benefactors of your will is critical. The process entails the inclusion of all the people you want to benefit from your estate. Additionally, it is also ideal for including the specific distribution percentage of all your beneficiaries in your will.

However, sometimes, the beneficiaries you choose may, unfortunately, pass on or lose a sound legal mind to enjoy the benefits from your will effectively. Therefore, it is essential to include what should happen should such a situation happen to your beneficiaries.

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Make Prompt Notification

After including the distribution of property in your will, think of the next step. It is ideal for informing your beneficiaries and creditors about the changes you have made to your choice. It leaves them an idea about what will happen, ideally, eliminating any anticipation and anxiety.

Writing your will doesn’t have to be stressful, even when you don’t have an attorney. 

You can draft an award winning online writing will plan from RedwoodFinancial.co.uk, which gives you a detailed guideline in your will format. It will include all the valid inclusions in your will, which have a real legal bearing.

With the help of such will-writing software, you rest assured you will save your family the hassle of property division.

Your Children’s Guardian

Apart from making divisions on your property, there are other aspects. It is also essential to leave your offspring, if any, with the right guardian. It would be unfortunate to have assets to your name, but your children suffer financially upon your demise. Why not make it right? In such a scenario, include a competent and valuable legal guardian whom you trust to be the custodian of your children until they attain the legal age.

Additionally, such a guardian will hold the value of your property until your children become old enough to take up their share. 

Do You Know You Need Witnesses?

Your will is not valid if you do not have an independent witness present as you sign it. Additionally, the witnesses will also append their signature to your will. They should be of legal age and have no benefits to gain in the distribution of your property upon your demise. Should a property tussle ensue in distributing your assets, the court will hold the witness declaration valid.

Furthermore, your will’s validity is applicable if you are of sound mind and under no duress in making property distribution.

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Choose Your Executor

Upon completing your will, it is essential to include the executor to ensure that your wishes come to pass upon your demise. The executor should be a responsible party like your bank, trusted family member, or even an attorney.

Close the Estate

Closing your estate means that you have considered all aspects and find it proper. After that, you wouldn’t want to leave your will in a place where it is hard to access should the worst happen.
Ultimately, remember that writing your will is not anticipation of the loss of life but rather financial preparedness and planning to ensure your beneficiaries do not encounter setbacks upon your demise.